Florida Takes a Stand Against Domestic Violence with Innovative Project Protect Initiative!

Florida Takes a Stand Against Domestic Violence with Innovative Project Protect Initiative!

STUART, Fla. — A new program in Florida wants to help people who have been hurt by human trafficking or domestic abuse feel better at home.

On Thursday, “Project Protect” was started by Attorney General Ashley Moody. The service gives home cameras to people who have been abused for free.

The idea is being tested in Martin and Hillsborough counties right now before it goes all over the state.

Sheriff William Snyder of Martin County said that domestic violence, abuse, and threats have become too common and often have long-lasting effects on the people who are hurt.

Sheriff Snyder said, “Unfortunately, with what we’re seeing today, which I think is the fabric of society fraying, domestic violence is constant and ongoing.”

With “Project Protect,” Moody is trying to make these people feel better.

“When there is domestic abuse, the person who did it usually comes back. So now, if our victim isn’t at home, she can look at the camera and see, “Oh, he’s back.” “Call us,” Sheriff Snyder told them. “Or, if they’re at home and someone knocks on the door, they look at the camera and say, “Wait a minute, that’s my offender. Give us a call, and we’ll be right there.”

Knowledge is strength. A charitable foundation works with people who have broken the law to stop what could become a loop. Trustee Nerissa Younge told CBS12 that something as easy as a doorbell camera stops them in their tracks and stops them from doing what they were planning to do.

Younge asked, “Are you going to hit your partner in front of the ring camera?” “It’s a backup in case someone comes to the house and wants to do that crime. Then you have proof that the person walked up to the house, which could be a violation of a restraining order.”

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