Florida Takes Action Against Human Trafficking with New Hotline

Florida Takes Action Against Human Trafficking with New Hotline

Attorney General Ashley Moody has announced the creation of a statewide human trafficking reporting hotline for Florida.

The Florida-specific tipline was established by Moody, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking in response to worries that Polaris, the company that ran the National Human Trafficking Hotline, was not providing local law enforcement with timely information and tips.

“The State of Florida is committed to ending human trafficking. Unfortunately, the woke Stanford and Columbia-educated CEO of Polaris has pushed a radical agenda to delay the dissemination of vital information to local law enforcement in favor of what she calls a ‘victim-centered approach’,” Moody stated. “As a former federal prosecutor, former judge, and the wife of a law enforcement officer, I know that we can be putting these heinous criminals behind bars quicker, sparing other potential victims AND connecting survivors to the resources they need—if tips are sent to police in a timely manner. Pushing a narrative that we can stop a crime by working against law enforcement is ridiculous. It has been proven, time and time again, as a failed approach in cities and states across the nation. Floridians who suspect human trafficking need to call 855-FLA-SAFE.”

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In September 2020, Catherine Chen was named as the new CEO of Polaris. Concerns concerning Polaris and the National Human Trafficking Hotline were raised by AG Moody and a group of US attorneys general in a letter to Congress in 2023.

In part, the letter stated: “It has recently come to our attention that the National Human Trafficking Hotline (“Hotline”), which Congress has funded for 15 years, is not reporting tips of adult trafficking to state law enforcement except under the limited circumstance where the victim self-reports and affirmatively consents to the Hotline making the report. Not only do we believe this action contravenes one of Congress’ intended functions of the Hotline, but we believe it disrupts the federal-state partnership to end human trafficking and help its victims.”

Here is a link to the whole letter that was sent to Congress.

One can contact 855-FLA-SAFE (855-352-7233) if they are Floridians and suspect human trafficking.


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