Florida Woman's Bomb Threat Shakes Supermarket During Robbery, Police Report

Florida Woman’s Bomb Threat Shakes Supermarket During Robbery, Police Report

A Florida woman is in custody following allegations that she threatened to detonate a supermarket during a weekend robbery. The incident transpired at a retail establishment situated at 9951 Miramar Parkway in Miramar on Saturday (December 2), as reported by NBC Miami.

According to the police, the suspect, identified as Rebeca Navarro Rodriguez, entered the store and handed a note to an employee. The note contained a threat to explode the business unless she received cash, as per authorities’ statement.

Although the suspect fled the scene, the employee managed to recall the license plate of the getaway car. After relaying this information to the authorities, the police located Rodriguez’s vehicle, conducted a traffic stop, and apprehended her.

Rodriguez has been charged with robbery by sudden snatching, but there is no information on the validity of her threat.

Recent incidents of audacious retail crimes have been reported in the Sunshine State. In one instance, a Florida woman and her daughter returned to their car to discover that all their Christmas presents had been stolen, an act captured on camera.

Another daring robbery involved a suspect handing a note to pharmacy employees, demanding “all bottles” of specific medications, including Viagra.