Florida's GOP on Fire: Approaching 900K Strong and Counting

Florida’s GOP on Fire: Approaching 900K Strong and Counting

The Republican Party is seeing its highest level of support during the same week that the Biden team unveiled plans to turn Florida blue. As of the time of writing, 889,569 more Republicans had registered to vote than Democrats.

If the current trend continues, Democrats could potentially lose two counties coming up in the 2019 election. This week, the Biden campaign declared that it had a good chance of turning Florida blue.

The Biden campaign said that abortion might increase Democratic dominance in the state, citing Amendment 4’s November ballot appearance. Republicans are thought to have gained 30,000 voters since March, while Democrats have lost about 1,000.

Moreover, Republicans are on the verge of turning two counties red. Decmorats is just ahead in Hillsborough County by 0.98%, or 8,064 votes. Democrats now hold 1.14% of the vote in Madison County, a margin of 134.

Currently, 56 out of 67 counties have more Republicans than Democrats; if Hillsborough and Madison switch, that number may rise to 58.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R) of Florida commented on the update on social media, saying that “prior to 2021, FL never had more registered Republicans than Democrats.”

“Now, a million voter R registration advantage is within reach. Hillsborough (Tampa) is about to flip from D to R, which will mean every county in the Tampa Bay market has a R advantage in this previously ‘swing’ region of the state.”

After the 2016 presidential election, the state has become increasingly of a Republican bastion, with both Hillsborough County and Madison County following a Republican trend.

In 2020, the state supported President Donald Trump (R), and in 2022, it reelected Governor Ron DeSantis by a landslide. In the Republican primary, voters largely backed President Trump, despite DeSantis’ increasing popularity in the state.

In six of the seven most contested states, President Trump presently has a lead against President Joe Biden (D).