Fort Wayne's Fab Five: 5 Suburbs Worth Calling Home

Fort Wayne’s Fab Five: 5 Suburbs Worth Calling Home

Situated in the center of the Midwest, Fort Wayne is a shining example of urban development, encircled by a variety of suburbs that provide the ideal balance of convenience, comfort, and community. These five suburbs are more than just locations to live; they are places where ideal homes can be realized.

Every suburb adds a distinct flavor to the mosaic of the Fort Wayne metropolitan area, from the family-friendly streets of Leo-Cedarville, with its remarkable median income and low unemployment rate, to the charming hamlet of Ossian, where community and affordability converge.

We’ll examine more closely at what makes these suburbs unique, why you should think about moving there in the future, and how they have come to be known as the “Fab Five” of Fort Wayne’s residential havens.


There are 3,339 people living in the quiet town of Ossian, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Ossian is a small town, but it has a respectable median income of $56,326. This shows that the residents of Ossian appreciate wealth and hard work.

There are plenty of job prospects and economic stability due to the city’s astonishingly low 1.3% unemployment rate, which gives its citizens a sense of security. In addition, the town’s poverty rate of just 6.0% suggests that there aren’t many people experiencing financial troubles.

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At $311,042, the median income of Leo-Cedarville, a charming hamlet of 3,649 people, is high for the area. The remarkably low 2.8% unemployment rate reflects a strong local economy that offers a wide range of job opportunities to the community’s citizens.

Fort Wayne's Fab Five: 5 Suburbs Worth Calling Home

Because of the town’s high degree of financial security and stability among its residents, the poverty rate is likewise exceptionally low at 3.3%. Within the beautiful surroundings of Leo-Cedarville, it flourishes as a ray of prosperity and opportunity.

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New Haven

There are 15,552 people living in New Haven, and their typical income is $63,744. The 4.4% unemployment rate in the city is indicative of a generally stable economic environment.

Its 7.7% poverty rate is also very low, reflecting a positive socioeconomic climate. Given these circumstances, it appears that New Haven provides its citizens with chances for both a low danger of poverty and financial stability.

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The small village of Avilla, which is tucked away in peace, is home to 2,702 people. With a median income of $77,583, the town has a strong economic environment despite its modest size, indicating a population with sound financial standing.

Fort Wayne's Fab Five: 5 Suburbs Worth Calling Home

With the unemployment rate still relatively low at 2.6%, there are plenty of work prospects and a strong job market for the locals. Furthermore, Avilla’s remarkably low 6.6% poverty rate is evidence of its dedication to promoting the wealth and well-being of its residents.

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There are 2,835 people living in Albion, a small town tucked away in a tranquil area. The town has a comfortable median income of $62,813, which is indicative of a robust economic basis despite its tiny size.

Its residents feel prosperous because there are many chances for productive employment and the city has an exceptionally low unemployment rate of 1.2%.

Nonetheless, Albion faces socioeconomic difficulties, as shown by its 11.3% poverty rate, much like many other places.

To Conclude

Fort Wayne’s “Fab Five” suburbs have something to offer everyone, whether you’re looking for a bustling employment market like Leo-Cedarville or a close-knit community feel like Ossian.

These suburbs offer the ideal starting point for your ideal Fort Wayne existence because of their robust economies, low unemployment rates, and stunning scenery.

So go exploring, find the suburb that best fits your requirements, and integrate into the dynamic metropolis of Fort Wayne.

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