Four Women Arrested in $5,000 Stanley Cup Theft in Florida
Image By: FOX 35 Orlando

Four Women Arrested in $5,000 Stanley Cup Theft in Florida

According to deputies, four women ended up in jail after stealing various pricey food items and over a dozen Stanley cups due to their “expensive taste”.

According to the authorities, two Winn-Dixie and two Ace Hardware locations in Nassau County, which is in northern Florida close to Jacksonville, experienced thefts on Saturday.

Deputies reported that the four women—Tracy Sullivan, Montavia Sullivan, Kaneki Hickson, and Stacy Sullivan—took about $5,000 worth of goods.

When employees of the Ace Hardware store on Miner Road in Yulee reported that four suspects entered the business and stole 24 Stanley cups by hiding them in their bags and beneath their clothes, deputies claimed they initially responded to the crime.

Then, in a silver Chevy Malibu, the trio drove off.

The suspect’s vehicle was discovered at the intersection of Arrigo Boulevard and State Road 200 by an off-duty lieutenant who had received an alert on their radio to search for the vehicle.

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After pulling into a nearby Winn-Dixie parking lot, the suspects were apprehended. Subsequently, investigators discovered that the group was suspected of committing four store thefts.

Multiple Stanley cups, lobster tail, steak, crab meat, and other Winn-Dixie food items were found inside their car, along with a variety of champagnes, according to the deputies.

They were charged with felony grand theft and conspiracy to conduct retail theft, after which they were taken into custody and placed in the Nassau County jail.


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