Galveston's Controversial Shelter Under Fire The Criminal Inquiry Unfolds

Galveston’s Controversial Shelter Under Fire: The Criminal Inquiry Unfolds

The Galveston District Attorney has confirmed that they have initiated a criminal investigation into The Children’s Center shelter located on the island. ABC13 has been following this story for months, as allegations of lead exposure and non-compliance have been hovering over the center.

The Galveston County District Attorney informed ABC13 that they are collaborating with several state and federal agencies in conducting this ongoing criminal investigation. Just a few months ago, the county evicted the charity from its rent-free lease after three decades due to allegations of unsanitary living conditions.

County health district officials discovered concerning issues at the shelter, including high levels of lead, rat droppings, decaying food, and infestations of bed bugs and fleas. Consequently, in April, all families residing there were evacuated from the shelters due to the unacceptable living conditions.

Now, the same charity is under scrutiny in the criminal investigation. However, the district attorney’s office has refrained from providing many details about the investigation due to its ongoing nature. ABC13 has reached out to representatives at The Children’s Center and is currently awaiting their response.

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