Gateway High School Placed on Lockdown After Threatening Tip

Gateway High School Placed on Lockdown After Threatening Tip

After an anonymous tip about a threat was sent to the school district on Friday, Gateway High School was put on a modified lockdown.

In a letter to parents, the district said that Monroeville police officers had been called to the school and were there in larger numbers for the rest of the day.

The high school was put on a “modified lockdown,” which meant that classes could still go on inside. The activities after school were canceled. No one could go in or out of the school unless they had an appointment.

A few days before the lockdown, several local schools were “swatted” with fake 911 calls saying that school shooters were on campus when they weren’t.

The thing that happened at Gateway School District doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the swatting. The administration’s “Safe to Say” tip line got the information. On Wednesday, the threats were made directly to the people who take calls for 911.

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