Ghosts of the Past: The Supernatural Journey Through Mount Moriah Cemetery in South Dakota

Ghosts of the Past: The Supernatural Journey Through Mount Moriah Cemetery in South Dakota

Tucked up in the raw landscape of South Dakota, Mount Moriah Cemetery is a silent monument to the turbulent past of the Wild West. We allows readers to walk across the hallowed grounds where common people and myths coexist.

Mount Moriah is a place where the boundary between worlds appears thin, from the well-known stories cloaked in mystery to the notorious tombs of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

Come along as we investigate the ghostly murmurs and ethereal encounters that contribute to this historic site’s reputation as a haunted experience.

About Mount Moriah Cemetery

Located in South Dakota on a plateau with mountains that overlook Deadwood Gulch, the historic Mount Moriah Cemetery is more than just a cemetery.

Founded by the Lawrence County Commission in 1878, it is the last resting place of Western myths, serial killers, madams, and pioneers of Deadwood’s early commercial growth. Let’s explore this infamous cemetery’s frightening past.

Here Are Several of the Most Iconic Figures Buried

Some of the most famous people from the Wild West are buried atop Mount Moriah. Here are some well-known names:

  • Wild Bill Hickok: Here lies the great lawman and gunslinger Wild Bill Hickok, renowned for his lightning-fast draw and crucial poker hand. Both thrill-seekers and history buffs visit his grave on pilgrimage.
  • Misfortune Jane: The bold pioneer woman, frequently depicted as a rough-and-tumble figure, sleeps beside Wild Bill. Her existence was as untamed as the place she called home.
  • Seth Bullock: Hickok and Calamity Jane both considered Bullock a friend and business partner, and he was a key figure in the development of Deadwood. His tomb serves as a reminder of the turbulent past of the community.

Ghosts of the Past: The Supernatural Journey Through Mount Moriah Cemetery in South Dakota

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Not an Ordinary Cemetery, But a Hidden Graveyard With Secrets

Ingelside Cemetery: When Deadwood first opened, there were two cemeteries: the Catholic Cemetery and Ingelside Cemetery, which is located halfway up Mount Moriah.

Ingelside was home to several miners, prospectors, settlers, prostitutes, and kids who were buried there. Most of the remains were reburied on Mount Moriah when the site was needed for housing.

Still, there are unmarked or unknown graves that occasionally come to light while building operations are underway.

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Different Sections: Mount Moriah has multiple unique sections, including:

Potter’s Field: Here are the unmarked, stone-free graves of unknown people or Ingelside settlers.

Jewish Section: With its Hebrew inscriptions, this section reflects the diversity of Deadwood’s population. Seth Bullock’s partner Sol Star belonged to this early Jewish community.

Ghosts of the Past: The Supernatural Journey Through Mount Moriah Cemetery in South Dakota

Mass Grave Site: Eleven men who were sleeping in a lumber factory were killed in a devastating fire. This section marks the location of their final resting place.

Children’s part: The children of Deadwood suffered greatly as a result of typhus, cholera, and smallpox outbreaks; this part documents their hardships.

Chinese Burials: During the gold rush, Deadwood’s Chinese population—estimated at 400—found a home here. About thirty-three Chinese people are sleeping on Mount Moriah.

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Exploring Mount Moriah

  • Operating Hours: The cemetery is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from mid-May to mid-October.
  • Entry Fee: To help fund continuing upkeep and beauty, there is a $2.00 entrance fee.
    Visitor Center: Watch a fifteen-minute film and read explanatory panels to learn about the cemetery’s history.
  • Respect and Recollection: Keep in mind that Mount Moriah is a holy place. Take pictures, leave nothing but memories behind, and handle it with respect.

Mount Moriah Cemetery is worth a visit, especially in the daytime, as it is home to tales of bravery, sorrow, and the wild side of the American West.

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To Conclude

For those with an interest in history, the paranormal, or the Wild West, Mount Moriah Cemetery provides an intriguing window into Deadwood’s turbulent past.

Take a stroll around the sacred grounds, honor the myths, and discover a location where history seems to be speaking from beyond the grave.