Governor DeSantis Defends Transporting Migrants from Border to California

Governor DeSantis Defends Transporting Migrants from Border to California

Governor Ron DeSantis defended his state’s decision to transport migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to California, stating that the state’s immigrant-friendly policies had essentially invited them in.

DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, made these remarks during a meeting with sheriffs near Arizona’s border with Mexico. He pledged to take control of the border, emphasizing a key issue that sets him apart from his chief rival, Donald Trump, in the 2024 nomination race.

While expressing his belief that the border should be closed, DeSantis argued that if there is a policy of having an open border, then sanctuary jurisdictions should bear the consequences.

DeSantis’ administration countered allegations that the migrants flown from El Paso, Texas, to Sacramento were coerced to travel under false pretenses. They stated that all individuals willingly agreed to the transportation, although California officials are investigating the matter for any potential legal violations.

For DeSantis, focusing on immigration presents an opportunity to enhance his credibility on a major issue for GOP primary voters. He sees political advantages in engaging in a high-profile clash with liberal California and its Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom, who is often criticized by conservatives.

This also allows DeSantis to tackle an issue that has been central to Trump’s appeal. During his presidency, Trump promised to construct a border wall, ultimately leaving it unfinished with the cost falling on U.S. taxpayers.

Notably, this is not the first time DeSantis has arranged flights to transfer migrants across the country. Last fall, Florida transported 49 Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

California declared itself a sanctuary for immigrants after Trump’s election, offering protections and state benefits to undocumented individuals. DeSantis believes these policies attract people seeking a better life and hinder efforts to combat illegal immigration.

DeSantis did not respond to Newsom’s accusations or comments, including the suggestion of kidnapping charges. Instead, he emphasized that immigration is a national problem that should not burden border states alone.

He called for the federal government to grant states more authority to enforce immigration laws. In addition to the migrant flights, DeSantis highlighted Florida’s deployment of National Guard soldiers and state law enforcement officers to Texas, as well as intercepting migrant boats off Florida’s coast.

DeSantis asserted that Florida taxpayers support the use of state funds to transport migrants from Texas to California, stating that it was a prominent issue during his successful reelection campaign. In May, he signed a law allocating $12 million for migrant flights.

Although trailing behind Trump in the early stages of his presidential campaign, DeSantis refrained from mentioning his rival by name. Instead, he criticized President Joe Biden’s border policies, holding them responsible for the proliferation of drugs.

DeSantis met with sheriffs from across the country in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a conservative town neighboring the Fort Huachuca Army base and home to numerous Border Patrol officers. While his aides disclosed his plans to visit the border, they did not permit journalists to accompany him.

Trump’s super PAC highlighted DeSantis’ previous praise for Trump’s immigration policies on Twitter two years ago and emphasized the former president’s own immigration plans. These include ending birthright citizenship, utilizing the U.S. military against foreign drug cartels, and advocating for the death penalty for drug dealers.

During his Arizona visit, DeSantis committed to cracking down on “bogus asylum claims” from individuals seeking economic opportunities in the U.S. While expressing sympathy for those genuinely facing political persecution, he suggested denying asylum claims from individuals who traveled through other safe countries to reach the United States.

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