Governor Ron DeSantis Faces High Stakes in Inaugural 2024 Presidential Debate

Governor Ron DeSantis Faces High Stakes in Inaugural 2024 Presidential Debate

MILWAUKEE, WI. — Republican contenders participated in the inaugural 2024 presidential debate on Wednesday evening.

Among the eight candidates who met the RNC’s criteria was Governor Ron DeSantis. Notably absent, however, was the leading figure of the party, former President Donald Trump.

The debate unfolded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, a crucial battleground state that Trump secured in 2016 but was won back by President Biden in 2020.

While every candidate faced substantial stakes, this occasion could be seen as pivotal for DeSantis and his bid for the presidency.

DeSantis carried significantly higher expectations compared to his fellow debaters. His campaign had amassed more financial support than any of his rivals, and he had once been hailed as the emerging star within the Republican ranks. While some still hold this view, polls suggest that the governor faces a substantial challenge.

Although he held the second position behind Trump, he confronted a considerable double-digit deficit in his pursuit of victory in the GOP primary.

In essence, DeSantis needed an exceptional performance.

Ahead of the debate, he expressed his readiness to do what was necessary, and right from the start, he exuded determination.

DeSantis was introduced as the first speaker and received a hearty ovation from the audience.

However, due to the format and the numerous candidates, DeSantis appeared to blend in rather than stand out.

When queried about the state of crime in the country, here was his response:

“The rise in crime is a manifestation of America’s decline. One of the primary causes is the support provided by George Soros to these extreme left-wing district attorneys. Once they assume office, they openly refuse to prosecute criminals.

It’s like letting the inmates run the asylum,” DeSantis articulated. “There’s just one individual in this entire nation who has taken effective action against this. That person is me.

When we had district attorneys in Florida, funded by Soros, who refused to carry out their duties, I removed them from their positions.

As president, we will pursue all such individuals who are diminishing our quality of life and subjecting innocent people to harm across the nation. This will cease once I assume office.”

Though the debate centered on various issues, the candidates eventually faced questions about their stance on Trump.

When asked to indicate support for Trump if he were convicted, DeSantis raised his hand. Later, he addressed the issue of Trump’s legal predicament with this response:

“The focus of this election isn’t January 6, 2021. It pertains to January 20, 2025, when the next president will assume office. I understand the Democrats’ inclination to delve into other matters, but we are committed to concentrating on the nation’s future,” DeSantis conveyed.

“Our priority is to reverse the decline of our nation. My experience working alongside US Navy SEALs in Iraq taught me that the mission takes precedence above all else. Distractions must be avoided.”

DeSantis provided a composed response, avoiding direct criticism of Trump. Overall, he effectively held his own against his fellow contenders.

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