Guilty Plea: Accomplice in Kidnapping & Murder of Alleged Child Rapist

Guilty Plea: Accomplice in Kidnapping & Murder of Alleged Child Rapist

An Arkansas resident who was suspected of raping a little girl has entered a guilty plea to aiding in the kidnapping and murder of the victim.

Reginald Larue Baker, 43, was sentenced to 60 years in prison for each count of accomplice to first-degree murder, accomplice to kidnapping, and accomplice to aggravated residential burglary, according to court documents filed on Friday. He was given 861 days of paid time off.

According to the authorities, on October 27, 2021, he and co-defendant Daniel Paul Blanks, 45, attended a birthday celebration that included Richard Phillips, 39, and a teenage female.

Investigators claim that the girl told Baker and Blanks that Phillips had sexually assaulted her when she was six years old.

Former boyfriend of Phillips’ wife Baker apparently lost his cool, took a knife out of the kitchen, and threatened to kill Phillips. Investigators were told by the girl, who was still underage, that she managed to pacify Baker and convince him not to hurt Phillips physically.

However, the Springfield Police Department reported that on November 23, 2021, they received a call. According to what Phillips’ friend told authorities, two men broke into his flat and attacked him viciously.

Authorities alleged that the two accused Phillips of sexually abusing a little girl as they were beating him until he passed out. Officials said that the suspects dragged Phillips’ body from the flat on the third floor and into a car.

When responding police officers reached the location where the buddy claimed the suspects had parked their car, they found a bloodstain extending out the front door.

On November 27, 2021, some hunters in a densely forested part of Missouri’s Mark Twain National Forest found Phillips’ body. It was stated that Phillips had been shot several times, badly assaulted, and stripped naked. It is also said that his body was disfigured.

The girl’s phone, which allegedly included text communications between her and Baker, was taken by investigators. According to the police, after Phillips vanished, the girl contacted Baker to inquire if he was involved, to which he answered that he wasn’t.

But according to the authorities, Blanks’ truck and the criminals’ vehicle were identical, and the truck’s bed was stained with blood. According to the police, they apprehended Baker and Blanks without any problems after discovering them seated in Baker’s truck on the property.

Since the murder, according to the investigators, occurred in Arkansas, the guys were scheduled to stand trial there. On September 20, there will be a status hearing for Blanks.