Heat Emergency in Florida: Heat Index Hits 100 Degrees and Climbing

Heat Emergency in Florida: Heat Index Hits 100 Degrees and Climbing

Feels like temps above 100 degrees this week as Florida experiences unusually high temperatures starting on Wednesday and continuing through the rest of the week.

South of the Interstate 4 corridor and throughout South Florida, dangerous hot will result from daytime heating with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees and high dew points.

Since these temperatures are more appropriate for August than mid-May, this early-season heat wave is especially perilous for millions of people in South Florida who are at risk of excessive heat.

Dew points, which measure the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, are expected to stay in the high 60s to upper 70s across the state starting on Wednesday.

The extremely soupy air that is predicted prevents your body from cooling down in this way. The only way to stay cool is to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning. If you must be outside, make sure you are well-hydrated and in the shade.

Starting on Wednesday, the heat wave is expected to fry South Florida and possibly break records.

Miami has already, including last week, established five daily records for 2024. “The 305” might add a few more records to the list before the end of the week.

The high temperature in Miami is predicted to be between 94 and 95 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. Key West will feel like 100 degrees, while Miami will feel like 104 with high dew points exceeding 75.

This week is seeing a heat wave across the remainder of Florida.

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On Wednesday, Tallahassee is predicted to reach 90 degrees, while Jacksonville is predicted to top off at 89.

On Tuesday, Orlando’s heat index will get close to 100 degrees, and it will stay there until Saturday.

Forecasts indicate that Saturday will be the warmest day in Tampa in terms of the heat index, with a feels-like temperature of over 100.

Fort Myers will remain stable over the week, with highs of 99 degrees expected by the weekend.

Evenings won’t bring much reprieve from the heat because they’ll still be in the 80s.

Florida’s early heat wave requires parents and guardians to be extra careful when checking their cars for kids and pets. It can be fatal to leave a child or cat in a car, even on an 80 degree day.

When the outside temperature rises beyond 80 degrees, your car turns into a convection oven. Children can suffer potentially fatal heat stroke in a car when the temperature rises by almost thirty degrees in only twenty minutes.