High School Staff Face Allegations of Failure to Report Sexual Abuse Latest Updates!

High School Staff Face Allegations of Failure to Report Sexual Abuse: Latest Updates!

WELLINGTON, Fla. — In a recent court document obtained by CBS12 News, Assistant Principal Daniel Snider of Palm Beach Central High School has filed a motion seeking to dismiss the felony charge against him. He contends that he firmly believes in his son’s innocence.

Snider, aged 49, is one of five school staff members accused of failing to report suspected sexual abuse involving one student victimized by another to the authorities.

The charges were brought against Snider, as well as Principal Darren Edgecomb (58), Assistant Principal Nereyda Garcia (37), Chorus Teacher Scott Houchins (53), and School Behavioral Therapist Priscilla Carter. They were all arrested on July 24th and charged with one count of failure to report sexual abuse.

According to the motion presented by Snider’s attorney, Leonard Feuer, the incident in question took place on August 16, 2021.

As per the document, a student approached Snider, expressing a desire to report an allegation of sexual abuse involving Snider’s own son. In response, Snider provided her with a paper form and promptly informed the principal.

However, Principal Edgecomb, who is also implicated in this case, allegedly instructed Snider not to get involved. Subsequently, the motion asserts that Snider, without reading the statement, promptly folded it and delivered it to Principal Edgecomb.

Despite the allegations, Snider maintains his belief in his son’s innocence regarding any alleged abuse. Nevertheless, he did not obstruct anyone else from reporting the claims to the Department of Children and Families.

Local criminal defense attorney, Marc Shiner, explains the motive behind the motion to dismiss, stating that it acknowledges the accuracy of the prosecutor and police’s claims but argues that even if true, the alleged events do not amount to a crime. Essentially, it contests the ability to prove any wrongdoing based on the provided allegations.

The motion further contends that the school district’s policy titled “Teen Dating Violence or Abuse” prohibits involvement in the investigation by relatives of the victim or accused perpetrator.

Now, the wait begins for the state’s response. If the judge supports the motion, the case against Snider will be dismissed. However, if the state contests the accuracy of the facts, the motion will be automatically denied, and the case will proceed accordingly.

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