Jacksonville Actress Survives Vicious Dog Attack, Advocates for Safety

Jacksonville Actress Survives Vicious Dog Attack, Advocates for Safety

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville native and actress has shared her experience of being attacked by an aggressive dog. Laeann Amos-Reed is currently recuperating at her home in Ohio.

The incident occurred a few days after a movie premiere in Jacksonville. The injuries she sustained resembled something from a horror movie, but Amos-Reed emphasizes that this was not a scripted scene.

“I saw blood on the ground,” recalled Amos-Reed. “Even the witness advised me not to look down at my leg. But I had already looked. I needed evidence. No one would believe this without proof.”

The incident took place on July 18th in a residential area in Ohio. Amos-Reed had just finished a 7-mile run when a dog suddenly bit the back of her leg.

“When I got bitten, I screamed and cried out loudly. It was excruciating pain, a sudden anguish. It came out of nowhere,” she described.

A kind passerby called 911, and the dog’s owner also assisted. Amos-Reed sustained cuts on her hands and forearms. The dog tore part of her calf muscle and a tendon.

Amos-Reed, a wellness coach with many clients in Jacksonville, now faces a potentially lengthy recovery period. She stated, “I can’t travel on my own. There are unbearable moments of pain. I can’t even attend my movie premieres. Thankfully, we had one just before this incident occurred.”

The support she receives from her hometown uplifts her spirits. Despite the life-altering impact of the incident, she’s trying to approach it with a positive outlook. Amos-Reed believes there’s a sense of grace in how the situation could have been worse.

“I kept repeating to myself, ‘Calmness is power. Peace, be still. Calmness is power. Peace, be still. Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.’ I thought God is using this for your story. This is part of your story that will help others,” she shared.

She firmly believes that this situation could have been prevented. Her message to anyone who owns a pet with aggressive tendencies is to take responsibility and necessary precautions to safeguard others’ lives.

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