Jacksonville Attorney Faces Perjury Charges Arrested Amidst Legal Controversy

Jacksonville Attorney Faces Perjury Charges: Arrested Amidst Legal Controversy

According to Duval County jail records, a Jacksonville attorney has been detained on conspiracy and solicitation to commit perjury charges.

Nah-Deh E.W. Simmons was arrested last week after a Jacksonville murder suspect alleged he paid her visits at the Duval County jail, despite the fact that he was not her attorney.

He asked her to lie in court because it was in her “best interests,” according to his arrest warrant. Simmons has faced problems before.

The Florida Bar revealed that he received a 90-day suspension last year due to complaints, including not properly representing his clients, not responding to a judge’s inquiries, and not showing up for hearings, according to court documents.

Simmons doesn’t have a listed office address and didn’t reply to several emails seeking his comments.

Florida Bar spokesperson Jennifer Davis confirmed that Simmons was disciplined last year, and there’s now an “active file” on him.

A recent warrant release outlines the perjury charges against him, which are related to a homicide case from early 2021 on Shenandoah Avenue. Three individuals — Timothy Smith, Jordan Hodge, and Esmone Duncan — were arrested.