Jeff Bezos Acquires $68 Million Waterfront Mansion in Miami's Exclusive Indian Creek

Jeff Bezos Acquires $68 Million Waterfront Mansion in Miami’s Exclusive Indian Creek

Billionaire Jeff Bezos, known for founding Amazon and being one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, has acquired a lavish waterfront mansion on the exclusive man-made island of Indian Creek in Miami. The acquisition, costing a staggering $68 million, was confirmed by an undisclosed source familiar with the matter and reported by Bloomberg.

The newly acquired property, covering 9,300 square feet and featuring a pool, is nestled within Miami’s Indian Creek Village, often nicknamed the “Billionaire Bunker.” This island, located on the fringes of Biscayne Bay, serves as the residence for prominent figures like billionaire investor Carl Icahn, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, former Sears CEO Eddie Lampert, as well as Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

The mansion, originally built in 1965, spans 2.8 acres and was previously owned by MTM Star International, a company with ties to Panama, as indicated by Bloomberg.

Although the sale was officially recorded in June, the buyer’s identity was kept confidential. Notably, the most recent previous sale of the property was back in 1982, when it changed hands for $1.4 million, as reported by Bloomberg.

The insider who wished to remain unnamed informed the publication that Bezos might be considering additional acquisitions in the same neighborhood.

Bezos, whose substantial net worth surpasses $160 billion according to Bloomberg’s Real-Time Billionaires List, possesses a collection of properties, including residences in Washington, D.C., an expansive nine-acre mansion in Beverly Hills that he acquired for $165 million, along with other homes in Manhattan and Seattle.

Additionally, he owns real estate in Maui and boasts a 300,000-acre ranch in Texas, which serves as a launch site for his space exploration endeavors, including those of Blue Origin’s New Shepard Rocket.

Upon moving in, Bezos will undoubtedly become the most affluent inhabitant of this exclusive island. Indian Creek boasts around 40 residences, an esteemed country club, and even maintains its own police department. Based on Census data analyzed by the Cubit data analytics tool, the population of Indian Creek is approximately 82 individuals.

Real estate values in this region have experienced a significant surge, mirroring the broader trend in the upscale Miami area, which has attracted numerous of the world’s wealthiest elites. The average price tag for a residence on this exclusive island stands at a staggering $20 million, as indicated by Miami Condo Investments.

This real estate acquisition in Miami brings Bezos back to his origins, as he concluded his high school education in the area when his Cuban-descent father secured a job in the Sunshine State.

Evidently, Bezos seems to be making himself at home in the region. He was spotted in May at Miami’s Grand Prix party, where he was seen alongside his now-fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, over the weekend.

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