City Calling Know About the US City Which Offers Remote Workers $10,000 to Settle in

City Calling: Know About the US City Which Offers Remote Workers $10,000 to Settle in

A $10,000 relocation incentive is an effective strategy to catch the attention of potential candidates, particularly remote workers who have more flexibility in their job locations and daily routines.

This makes the prospect of relocating more enticing. Various locations worldwide offer incentives for individuals to move there, each with its own set of requirements.

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s $10,000 relocation program is relatively simple for remote workers seeking a change, and there are numerous reasons why relocating to Tulsa is worth considering.

Despite misconceptions, Tulsa boasts a plethora of opportunities and amenities. While the $10,000 incentive is undoubtedly appealing, it’s essential to be informed about certain aspects before making the decision to move.

Eligibility & Selection Process for Tulsa Relocation

To be eligible for the Tulsa Remote Program, you must meet the following basic requirements:

1. You must be at least 18 years old.
2. You should be authorized to work in the United States.
3. Currently, you need to have full-time, remote employment.
4. You must be able to relocate to Tulsa within 12 months of approval.
5. You should have lived outside of Oklahoma for a complete year before applying.

Once you fulfill these five eligibility criteria, you can begin the application process. The waiting time for application processing is typically around four weeks.

Upon approval, a remote Tulsa staff member will contact you for a 30-minute virtual interview. During this interview, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns you may have.

City Calling: Know About the US City Which Offers Remote Workers $10,000 to Settle in

After a two-week period, applicants will receive either a confirmation to proceed or not. For those who advance, the subsequent step involves undergoing a background check and income verification, which typically spans about three weeks from the initiation of the background check.

The entire process, from application to background check, usually takes approximately 11 weeks. Once applicants receive full approval, they have a 12-month timeframe to relocate to Tulsa.

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What Made You Move To Tulsa?

Tulsa boasts a plethora of activities, from vibrant arts and music scenes to diverse culinary experiences from around the globe, all amidst a backdrop of abundant parks and outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re solo, with a partner, or a family, there’s something for everyone in Tulsa.

Exploring the arts district, one of the city’s oldest areas, is a treat with its array of galleries, shops, eateries, bars, and historic music venues. The Tulsa Performing Arts Center downtown adds to the cultural allure with its lineup of live music, theatrical performances, and dance shows in its stunning theater.

City Calling: Know About the US City Which Offers Remote Workers $10,000 to Settle in

Oklahoma offers a wealth of attractions to keep you engaged, and Tulsa stands out with its array of shopping, dining, nightlife, museums, and outdoor pursuits—it truly caters to every interest.

For remote workers seeking a change of scenery, Tulsa’s Remote Program presents an enticing opportunity. Not only could it provide a refreshing change of pace, but it also offers a chance to earn $10,000 along the way.

While financial incentives shouldn’t be the sole motivation for relocating, they can certainly sweeten the deal, and Tulsa’s allure extends far beyond monetary benefits.

It’s a city ripe for exploration and adventure, all while maintaining an affordable cost of living.

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Is Living in Tulsa a Good Idea?

Tulsa stands out as one of the premier places to reside in Oklahoma, second only to the thriving Oklahoma City. While it may not be the initial destination that comes to mind for many, it is undoubtedly worth considering for your bucket list.

Situated along the iconic Route 66, Tulsa holds a significant place in U.S. counter-culture, thanks to its distinctive charm and character. Living in Tulsa provides a diverse range of charming neighborhoods, each with its own unique atmosphere.

Whether you prefer the bustling “Deco” district downtown, the artsy and trendy arts district, or the green expanses of the Cathedral District, Tulsa caters to a variety of preferences.

With a cost of living 13% below the national average and housing expenses 32% lower than the national average, Tulsa is an attractive option for those looking to relocate.

The average cost for renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Tulsa is $940 for a space measuring 822 square feet. Additionally, the median home listing price averages at $275K, making Tulsa a highly affordable place for homeownership.

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