Lee County Incident Woman Arrested for Disrupting Deputy's Panhandler Detainment

Lee County Incident: Woman Arrested for Disrupting Deputy’s Panhandler Detainment

LEE COUNTY, Fla. – A lady was taken into custody on Wednesday after she disrupted a panhandler’s arrest by a deputy in Bonita Springs, Lee County.

As per the Lee County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO), Annika Olson was driving along Imperial Parkway and Bonita Beach Road. She stopped her vehicle in the traffic lane while a deputy was conversing with a woman engaged in selling flowers.

Olson attempted to give money to the other woman, prompting the deputy to instruct Olson to continue on her way.

However, Olson declined to follow the deputy’s command to move her car and park safely off the road.

The deputy was investigating Norma Garcia, who was vending flowers on the median of Imperial Parkway, which was against County Ordinance 28-123, governing the unsafe use of public rights-of-way.

Deputies stated that Garcia had previously been cautioned that vending goods on the roadway were not allowed.

An inquiry uncovered that Garcia hailed from Nicaragua and only spoke Spanish. A translator was summoned to assist in managing the situation.

LCSO mentioned that Olson’s halting and interference created a hazardous situation for other drivers, deputies, Ms. Garcia, and herself.

Despite being asked to relocate her vehicle, Olson persisted in leaving it in the traffic lane.

Consequently, she was arrested for failing to comply with lawful orders from law enforcement or firefighters, and for non-violently resisting an officer.

Garcia also faced charges for obstructing the public right of way.

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