Liberal Legacies: Ohio's Cities Leading the Way in Progressivism

Liberal Legacies: Ohio’s Cities Leading the Way in Progressivism

Ohio, which is frequently regarded as a political barometer for the country, is home to a varied mosaic of cities, each with a distinct political climate. There are pockets in the middle where progressive ideas are dominant and liberal values are thriving.

We examine the locations where Ohioans are pushing the boundaries of social justice, environmental sustainability, and community engagement—from the vibrant metropolitan centers that hum with ethnic diversity to the serene suburbs where inclusivity is the norm.

Join us as we spotlight the Ohio cities that stand out for their dedication to progressive principles and their dynamic, forward-thinking communities, whether you’ve lived there for a long time or are thinking about moving there.

CityPopulationMedian IncomeMedian Home ValueAverage Rent


With 80,587 residents, Parma is a city with a median house value of $182,504 and a median income of $65,848. Parma’s cost of living index is 89, significantly lower than the national average, making living there more affordable for locals. In this city, the average rent is $980.

Parma struggles with an unemployment rate of 5.8% and a poverty rate of 10.1% despite its economic advantages. However, given its median income and rather low cost of living, the area appears to offer a stable economic environment for its citizens.

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Cleveland, a city of 370,365 people, has a median income of $37,271 and a median home value of $100,343. At 80, the cost of living is significantly less than the national average—that is, 0.8 times less than the average amount spent nationwide.

Liberal Legacies: Ohio's Cities Leading the Way in Progressivism

The median price that renters pay for housing is $851. With a 31.2% poverty rate and an 11.9% unemployment rate, there are still economic difficulties. Cleveland continues to be a thriving metropolitan center with its own distinct character and potential in spite of these obstacles.

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With 50,605 residents, Lakewood has a typical income of $63,299 and a median home value of $254,332. With a cost of living of 91, this thriving village is far less expensive than the national average, drawing in a lot of visitors. There are plenty of accessible and varied housing alternatives, with a $941 median rent.

Nonetheless, Lakewood’s 5.4% unemployment rate reflects certain financial difficulties. In spite of this, the poverty rate is still 11.8%, highlighting the need for ongoing initiatives to increase prosperity and economic possibilities for all locals.

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There are 46,165 people living in the Ohio suburb of Strongsville. It provides a pleasant lifestyle with a typical income of $101,176 and a median property value of $319,958.

Strongsville’s cost of living is 1.0 times less than the national average, making it comparatively inexpensive.

Liberal Legacies: Ohio's Cities Leading the Way in Progressivism

The usual rent paid by tenants in the region is $1,191. With a 3.0% unemployment rate, there is a robust job market. Furthermore, Strongsville has an exceptionally low 4.6% poverty rate, which suggests that the area is generally rich.

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With 49,279 residents, Euclid is a city with a median house value of $129,092 and a median income of $45,018. Euclid’s cost of living index is 85, which is far lower than the national average and gives its citizens affordability. With a $931 median rent, there are more housing options available.

The city does, however, suffer difficulties, as evidenced by the 8.5% unemployment rate and the 20.3% poverty rate, which represent the financial struggles that some of its residents face. Euclid is still a thriving neighborhood with room for development in spite of these challenges.

To Conclude

Numerous localities throughout the state of Ohio provide as fertile ground for Ohio’s progressive spirit. Every community, from the vibrant, multicultural metropolis of Cleveland to the expanding suburb of Strongsville, provides a different combination of social consciousness, affordability, and a dedication to a better future.

Although several regions have financial difficulties, the state is generally portrayed as one that is working to bring about positive change through its emphasis on sustainability, inclusion, and community involvement.

Thus, if you’re looking for a spot to settle down in a progressive setting, Ohio’s progressive havens present an opportunity to join a movement creating a better future.