Man Arrested for Neighbor's Murder and Assault on Elderly Woman Latest Updates

Man Arrested for Neighbor’s Murder and Assault on Elderly Woman: Latest Updates

A man has been taken into custody following accusations of killing his neighbor at a Cypress Station apartment complex last month.

It has been discovered that 60-year-old Melvin Walker is also suspected of committing another violent crime against an 86-year-old woman while evading capture for the Cypress Station murder, as stated by the police.

A recent video reveals an individual, believed to be Walker, placing an 86-year-old woman in a chokehold and forcefully opening the door to her residence.

Merely a day after Houston police released the surveillance footage, Walker was apprehended. On Monday, the woman’s family informed that she had been discharged from the hospital and is now recuperating at home.

However, detectives have informed the family that Walker was on the run when he allegedly assaulted her. Let’s go back to June 9 when authorities reported the murder of 47-year-old Daniel Arguijo outside his residence.

Harris County deputies immediately suspected a neighbor as the perpetrator but did not make any arrests at the time. “(Arguijo) was always there for everybody. He had a great heart, a big heart,” expressed Jennifer Brandy, Arguijo’s girlfriend of six years. “He was always there for my kids. He taught my kids a lot.”

“That was my father, you know, my stepfather,” added Brandy’s son, Noah Lingle. “He was a provider and protector. He did a lot for the family.”

Now, let’s examine the timeline: On June 26, an elderly woman was assaulted. The following day, on June 27, Walker was taken into custody and charged with aggravated robbery and burglary.

Subsequently, on June 30, Walker was charged with the June 9 murder of Arguijo. Sheriff’s deputies confirm that Walker had been under investigation in the murder case throughout this entire period.

The families involved state that an earlier arrest could have potentially prevented at least one crime.
“What he did to Daniel was a cold-blooded murder,” lamented Brandy. “Why? Why did he do it? And all the other things, like with the 86-year-old lady, what was he thinking?”

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