Man Loses Life in Domestic Dispute in Southwestern Miami-Dade
Image By: NBC 6 South Florida

Man Loses Life in Domestic Dispute in Southwestern Miami-Dade

A man lost his life in a tragic shooting incident in a southwest Miami-Dade home on Sunday night, allegedly at the hands of his son during a family dispute, as reported by the police on Monday.

Kirsten Williams, 46, succumbed to his injuries after being swiftly taken to a local hospital, according to a police statement. The authorities received a call about gunfire at the family’s residence in the 29000 block of SW 162 Avenue a little after 9:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Upon arrival, the police found Williams with a gunshot wound, indicating that the altercation had turned violent.

Investigators disclosed that the confrontation originated from a family argument. At a certain point, the man’s 23-year-old son became involved and reportedly brandished a firearm, according to a police spokesperson.

Allegedly, Williams also produced a gun, leading to an exchange of gunfire between the two, with the son emerging unharmed, as per investigators.

Homicide detectives were in conversation with the man’s wife and her son to determine the potential charges, if any, that would be filed.

A bystander in the vicinity reported hearing as many as twelve gunshots during the incident.

“I’m in my friends just hanging out here in the backyard and we heard about like 10 shots go off,” Anthony Hernandez stated. “So we are ran inside so I’d like a little bit of smoke going up in the air and in about like 10 minutes the cops were here.”

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