Memphis Police Investigate Carjacking Spree Former Superintendent Targeted

Memphis Police Investigate Carjacking Spree: Former Superintendent Targeted

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A former superintendent of Memphis City Schools was carjacked following a car accident near I-40. Carol Johnson-Dean and her husband found themselves in a life-or-death situation on Wednesday near Appling Road.

According to their account, a person driving a gold, four-door Infiniti rear-ended their vehicle. When the couple got out to assess the damage, the other driver and their passenger brandished an assault rifle and threatened to kill them unless they handed over their car.

In a Facebook statement, Johnson’s husband, Willie Dean, expressed gratitude that they escaped physical harm or death, emphasizing that God is always good.

Johnson-Dean served as the superintendent of Memphis City Schools from 2003 to 2007 and later acted as the interim president of Lemoyne-Owen College in Memphis in 2019.

A friend of the couple, Bennie Cobb, who is a retired captain from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, commented that the tactic of causing a minor collision to facilitate a robbery is not new, but it has become increasingly dangerous.

Cobb expressed relief that neither Johnson-Dean nor her husband was injured, but warned that this “bump and rob” strategy, which was prevalent 15 to 20 years ago, has now escalated to carjacking.

On the same day as the carjacking incident, a woman in Cordova had her car stolen after being involved in an accident. The police apprehended two 16-year-olds, a 15-year-old, and a 12-year-old in connection with that case, but it remains unclear if the crimes are related.

Cobb stressed the seriousness of the situation, stating that these young individuals are playing a dangerous game that could soon result in someone getting hurt or killed.

As the search for Johnson’s family vehicle continues, Cobb advised people to stay vigilant. He recommended assessing the situation if involved in a collision and leaving if it feels unsafe, while promptly contacting the police. If possible, escaping the scene is advised.

Memphis has reported over 8,600 auto thefts so far this year, highlighting the prevalence of such crimes in the area. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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