Miami-Dade Authorities Put the Brakes on High-End Luxury Car Heists
Image Source: NBC 6 South Florida

Miami-Dade Authorities Put the Brakes on High-End Luxury Car Heists

A major operation in northwest Miami-Dade resulted in the arrests of Patrice Cherrine Hinds and Joseph Roger Museau.

They’re facing charges of grand theft and selling stolen high-end vehicles. Various law enforcement agencies, including the Florida Highway Patrol, worked together in this operation.

Numerous stolen luxury cars were found at the couple’s home, including two Rolls-Royces, a Bentley, a Tesla, and a Mercedes.

These vehicles were reported stolen from different locations in South Florida, including one Rolls-Royce from Hallandale Beach, one from Miami, and the Bentley from Palm Beach County.

The authorities tracked a stolen Rolls-Royce to the couple’s residence, which ultimately led to their discovery.

Hinds and Museau were apprehended after the Highway Patrol, with the homeowner’s permission, conducted a VIN search on the recovered automobiles, which led to the discovery of the stolen license plates.

Both have been able to post bond, and they are not currently being held in custody.

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