Miami-Dade County Police Chase Suspect Strikes Officers and Causes Car Crashes

Miami-Dade County Police Chase: Suspect Strikes Officers and Causes Car Crashes

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – During a narcotics investigation, a suspect named James Bradley Exposito, aged 39, fled from the police on Wednesday night. The incident, captured on camera, involved a chase and multiple collisions with various vehicles, including a marked Miami-Dade police cruiser.

According to detectives, the police pursuit began at approximately 7:15 p.m. when they pulled over Exposito, who was driving a black Dodge Ram. As the detectives approached his vehicle, Exposito attempted to run them over and struck one of their cars before speeding away.

The chase continued, and Exposito rear-ended a white Nissan near the intersection of Southwest 132nd Street and South Dixie Highway. The Nissan, in turn, collided with a black Tesla. Eventually, Exposito’s vehicle veered off course, hitting a marked MDPD vehicle, rolling over, and crashing into a light pole and tree, as stated in a news release by Miami-Dade police.

Cellphone footage obtained by Local 10 News showed the Dodge Ram flipping over, with one of its tires bouncing down South Dixie Highway. At the scene, the suspect’s heavily damaged pickup truck was towed away with the assistance of a Local 10 News crew.

Both Exposito and the female driver of the Nissan were transported to Jackson South Medical Center and Baptist Hospital, respectively, by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel. Their conditions were reported as stable. The occupants of the Tesla, a pregnant woman, and a 2-year-old child, received on-site medical attention from paramedics.

Fortunately, the driver of the Tesla and all the officers and detectives involved in the pursuit remained unharmed, according to authorities.

For his involvement in the incident, Exposito now faces several pending felony charges. A subsequent search of his vehicle following the arrest yielded a handgun, cocaine powder, and marijuana.

Detectives also conducted a search of Exposito’s residence, where they discovered an AR-15, oxycodone, marijuana, and cocaine. In addition to the new charges, Exposito was already facing previous allegations of selling ecstasy and MDMA, also known as “Molly,” from his home.

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