Miami-Dade County Resident Arrested for Intentionally Starting Fire

Miami-Dade County Resident Arrested for Intentionally Starting Fire in Shared Residence!

A guy from Miami-Dade County was taken into custody after it was discovered that he had started a fire inside a residence that he shared with many other people.

Jonathan Carr, who was 30 years old at the time, allegedly started a fire on purpose in the closet of his bedroom while there were other people present in the house, including two children who were asleep. According to the police, Mr. Carr was responsible for the incident.

On April 29, it took place at a house in the 28000 block of Southwest 125th Street, which is located in close proximity to the Homestead Air Reserve Base.

The witnesses, the police said, informed them Carr had locked himself in his bedroom and started a fire before a roommate was able to go in there and find him laughing. Carr had barred the door and refused to come out.

Miami-Dade County Resident Arrested for Intentionally Starting Fire

According to the arrest form, when questioned why he lit the fire, Carr stated that it was the fault of his ex-girlfriend, who had moved out of the residence two weeks prior to the question being posed.

According to the police, Carr fled the scene after starting the fire, forcing the other homeowners to seek assistance from nearby neighbors who were armed with fire extinguishers until emergency personnel came.

There were no reports of anyone being hurt as a result of the fire.

Officers didn’t locate Carr for almost a month after the initial search, though.

He was taken into custody on Tuesday in Homestead, and he is being investigated for attempted criminal murder as well as arson of the first degree.

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