Miami-dade Police Officer in Critical Condition After Terrifying Carjacking Incident!

Miami-Dade Police Officer in Critical Condition After Terrifying Carjacking Incident!

MIAMI — Three suspects have been taken into custody, and a Miami-Dade police officer was taken to a local hospital after a crash with a car that was involved in a carjacking early in the morning, officials said.

A police spokesman said that one of the accused was taken to a hospital to be treated, and the unnamed Miami-Dade cop was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be checked out.

After 4:30 p.m., the accident happened at NW 25th Avenue and 62nd Street in the northwest of Miami-Dade County.

Live video from the scene showed three cars and a truck that was on its side in a parking lot.

The front of the police car was badly damaged, and the damage was so bad that the front was almost completely destroyed.

The police told CBS News Miami that the cops saw a car that was linked to a 4 a.m. carjacking.

CBS News Miami talked to the man whose car was stolen. He said that three guys walked up to him while he was filling up his gas tank in Miami Gardens and threatened to kill him.

“They told me to get on the floor and not even look at them because if I do, they will shoot me and kill me. I had some money, but they took the keys and ran away.”

“They started shooting, and everyone ran away. I saw them try to use my keyboard. When they saw my car’s bright lights, they jumped in and took it.

Police told CBS News Miami that they saw the car that was involved in the carjacking and started following it. During the chase, they say, the defendants pointed a long gun at the police several times.

Officials say that all three accused are in the hospital and are in very bad shape. The person who was hurt says he is not doing well right now. He says that what happened to him is very scary.

The crash sent the cop to the hospital, where he was treated for a headache and then sent home.

When the suspects ran a red light at NW 25th Avenue and 62nd Street, they crashed into the officer’s car.

The three people who are being charged have not been named by the police.

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