Miami Woman Allegedly Accused of Fatally Stabbing Man’s Puppy in the Bathroom, Threatens Him ‘you’re Next’

Miami Woman Allegedly Accused of Fatally Stabbing Man’s Puppy in the Bathroom, Threatens Him ‘you’re Next’

In Florida, a 19-year-old man was apprehended this week for an appalling incident involving the fatal killing of a man’s puppy inside his bathroom.

After disemboweling the helpless and speechless animal, she even threatened to harm its owner. Her crime didn’t end there, she further displayed her aggression by spitting on a police officer while being arrested.

The woman in question is Yadelin Marin after this she was immediately taken into custody. Court records reviewed by Law & Crime, reveal that she faces charges of second-degree animal cruelty with intent to injure, a misdemeanor, as well as a count of battery on a law enforcement officer.

As per the details from a probable cause affidavit obtained by CBS News, the Miami-Dade Police Department received a distress call on July 12 regarding an animal stabbing incident at a residence on NW 82nd Street in EI Portal. When the officers reached the crime location, the officials first had a talk with the devastated owner, who informed them that his new puppy had been horrifically disemboweled in the bathroom, based on what a friend told him earlier.

When the owner entered the bathroom, he encountered a gruesome scene, with Marine allegedly sitting in the bathtub beside the lifeless body of the puppy. Marin still held the knife that she used to gut the speechless animal and also threatened the victim indicating that he might be her next target. After this disturbing act, Marin reportedly fled from the scene.

A woman who rented a room in the same house told Miami NBC affiliate WTVJ that Marin had been staying there intermittently before the incident. The lady also disclosed the puppy’s name as “Kory”. She further added, “My friend text me, ‘She stabbed her, she stabbed her’ and I get here and she’s perfectly normal like nothing happened.

The girl was in the bathroom acting like nothing happened, she just got out of the shower, ’cause she was sitting in the tub full of blood with the knife that she killed the dog with,” the woman told the station. “She’s sick, she has issues. She really needs to be put away for a long time, I’m serious.”

Another roommate of the dog owner also confirmed to CBS News about the horrifying sight of the puppy’s guts scattered on the floor when he reached home, though police officials were present at the scene at that time.

After this, she fled from the home, but allegedly returned a week later at the same residence and prompted the dog owner to call the police again, leading to her arrest. She further expressed her aggression by spitting in the face of one of the arresting officers.

Her purpose of killing the defenseless animal is still vague and also her relationship with the dog owner is not available from the affidavit. 

During a bond hearing on Wednesday, Judge Mindy S. Glazer said that Marin was “surely” dealing with mental health issues and, as a precautionary measure, ordered her to have no contact either directly or indirectly with the dog owner. She is presently being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, with a bond set at $9000, based on some available records.

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