Miraculous Survival The Incredible Story of 10-Year-Old Landon Moye

Miraculous Survival The Incredible Story of 10-Year-Old Landon Moye

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. — Last summer in Paxton, Florida, a 10-year-old boy named Landon Moye miraculously survived a devastating accident.

The first responders in Walton County consider Landon to be a true miracle. On Friday morning, he was reunited with the same first responders who played a vital role in saving his life.

Less than a year ago, Landon’s family faced their worst nightmare, thinking they would lose him. However, now Landon is well on his way to a complete recovery.

The accident occurred when Landon, along with his mother and younger siblings, was helping build a fence in their backyard. His father, Chad Moye, was away on a business trip at the time. Tragically, a fence post fell and struck Landon on the head.

“We were all outside working on a fence. The post fell and landed on Landon’s head,” recounted Amy Moye, Landon’s mother. “He was in pretty awful condition. He had to stop bleeding, and they had to rush him to the hospital immediately. There are no words to describe it.”

Within 10 minutes, first responders arrived at the scene. Landon was then transported by helicopter to Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital, where a trauma surgeon delivered the news to his mother that she never expected to hear.

“I told her what happened, and her response was that she didn’t think he would make it. She said it was the worst thing she had ever seen and that it would be a miracle if he survived,” Amy recalled.

Landon’s father, Chad, described the agony of being hundreds of miles away, desperately trying to return to his son. He vividly remembers the overwhelming sight when he finally laid eyes on Landon after the horrific incident.

“The most difficult part was being on a plane for that overnight trip, feeling completely helpless and not fully comprehending the situation,” Chad shared. “Landon had tubes, ventilators, and a drain installed in his head. It was an incredibly overpowering sight.”

After an extended period in the intensive care unit, Landon gradually progressed to a Med-Surge unit, where he had to relearn fundamental skills like walking and talking. His first words were directed to his baby sister: “Hi, Gracelynn.”

Christian Bay, the lead firefighter at the scene, reflected on the incident. Despite not being scheduled for duty that day, he received a distressing call.

“Suddenly, we received a call and heard a woman screaming,” Bay recalled. “In my eight years of experience, it was the toughest call I had to lead or be a part of, especially when it involves children. Landon survived against all odds; he is truly a walking miracle. Meeting him today, I feel emotional but not saddened.”

Landon, now able to speak, shared his perspective: “They said I wouldn’t talk or even make it, but hey, here I am talking!”

Bay admitted that he tried to keep his emotions in check during the ceremony on Friday but looks forward to having a moment alone later to reflect on the miraculous outcome.

As for Landon, he is getting ready to start 6th grade next month, embracing life after his incredible journey of survival.

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