Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

The Most Dangerous Cities in Florida: A List of High-Crime Areas

Lake City, Riviera Beach, and Cocoa are the most violent towns in Florida. If you’re thinking of moving to the Sunshine State, it’s best to avoid these places and other towns known for high rates of violent crime. Here is a full list of the least safe places in Florida to live if safety is important to you.

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

  1. Lake City
  2. Riviera Beach
  3. Cocoa
  4. Orlando
  5. Tallahassee

1. Lake City

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

  • Total Population: 12,329
  • Rate of Violent Crime: 15.74 per 1,000 residents
  • Incidence of Property Crime: 54.42 per 1,000 residents
  • Percentage of Poverty: 22.2%
  • Rate of Unemployment: 7.7%

Lake City has gained a notorious reputation as the most dangerous city in Florida. Its violent crime rate of 1,547 per 100,000 residents not only surpasses other cities in the state but also places it among the most unsafe nationwide.

Although Lake City has a relatively small population of approximately 12,500 people and a lower cost of living compared to many other Florida locations, it faces significant challenges with high poverty and crime rates. The chances of falling victim to violent crime in Lake City are nearly four times higher than the average across the state, solidifying its position as one of Florida’s least secure cities.

2. Riviera Beach

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

  • Total Population: 37,604
  • Violent Crime Frequency: 11.41 per 1,000 inhabitants
  • Incidence of Property Crime: 31.30 per 1,000 inhabitants
  • Percentage of Poverty: 20.04%
  • Joblessness Index: 6.6%

This small community, consisting of 35,000 residents, is facing a troublingly high rate of violent crimes. In fact, its murder rate is seven times higher than the national average, making it the most dangerous city in Florida in terms of this specific crime.

Located on the outskirts of the Miami metropolitan area, Riviera Beach has certain areas that should be avoided if safety is a top priority. The safest part of Riviera Beach is Singer Island, but the rest of the city contributes to its unfavorable reputation among the worst areas in Florida.

It’s worth noting that Riviera Beach is just a short 10-minute drive away from North Palm Beach, which is considered one of the safest cities in Florida.

3. Cocoa

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

  • Total Population: 19,041
  • Rate of Violent Crime: 11.24 per 1,000 residents
  • Incidence of Property Crime: 57.82 per 1,000 residents
  • Percentage of Poverty: 13.0%
  • Jobless Rate: 4.5%

Cocoa, a town in Florida, is infamous for its alarmingly high rate of violent crime. Despite having a population of only 19,000, Cocoa experiences a violent crime rate of 1,108 incidents per 100,000 residents. This rate is 2.8 times higher than the national average and triple the state average. The most common types of violent crime in Cocoa are burglaries and assaults.

Situated on the Space Coast near Cape Canaveral, Cocoa is not the ideal choice if you are looking for a safe and peaceful place to live in Florida.

4. Tallahassee

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

  • Total Population: 197,000
  • Rate of Violent Crime: 7.52 per 1,000 residents
  • Incidence of Property Crime: 30.97 per 1,000 residents
  • Percentage of Poverty: 27.1%
  • Jobless Rate: 5.1%

Despite Florida’s tough stance on crime, its capital, Tallahassee, stands out as one of the most dangerous areas in the state in terms of violent crime.

In 2021, Tallahassee recorded 1,516 incidents of violent crime, equating to a rate of 774 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. This makes Tallahassee more than twice as perilous as both the statewide and nationwide averages.

Furthermore, the rate of property crime in Tallahassee is alarmingly high, with approximately 1 in 30 residents being at risk of becoming a victim.

5. Orlando

Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

  • Total Population: 307,573
  • Rate of Violent Crime: 8.28 for every 1,000 individuals
  • Incidence of Property Crime: 36.80 for every 1,000 individuals
  • Percentage of Poverty: 19.1%
  • Unemployment Percentage: 2.80%

Orlando, the largest city in Florida by population, has a violent crime rate that is 2.2 times higher than the average for the state.

While Orlando had been experiencing a decline in crime over the course of several decades, with a significant drop observed since 2002, there has been a slight increase since 2020. However, the city has implemented commendable initiatives to combat violent crime and enhance the safety of its residents.

Counterpart: Most Secure Cities in Florida

While certain cities in Florida have higher crime rates, there are also many safe areas within the state. Here is a list of the top five safest cities in Florida:

The city leading the pack is Sweetwater, Florida, which has a safety score of 1.21. Despite its proximity to Miami, Sweetwater demonstrates that being close to the city does not necessarily mean high crime rates. Finding a secure neighborhood is crucial.

Next on the list is Naples, Florida, with a safety rating of 1.12. Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Naples is a relatively small town with a population of around 21,000. It benefits from low unemployment rates and its beautiful beaches. The city’s small population likely contributes to its low rates of violent and property crimes.

Key Biscayne, Florida, receives a safety rating of 1.06. This island, situated off the coast of Florida as one of the Florida Keys, offers a picturesque living environment with a relatively small population.

Coral Gables, Florida, is another safe city, scoring 1 on the safety scale. Similar to Sweetwater, it is in close proximity to Miami, indicating that residents can enjoy beautiful beaches and a vibrant city center with just a short drive.

Finally, Satellite Beach, Florida, has a safety rating of 0.83. Positioned approximately halfway between Miami and Jacksonville, it also enjoys proximity to Daytona Beach.

These cities showcase some of the safest locales in Florida.

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