Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland

Maryland offers a range of attractions, including a picturesque coastline and historic landmarks. However, not all its cities provide a safe and welcoming environment for both residents and visitors.

Indeed, some cities in Maryland have crime rates that rank among the highest in the nation. We’ll delve into the factors contributing to these high crime rates and discuss potential measures to enhance safety.

If you reside in or are considering a visit to Maryland, it’s advisable to exercise caution in these cities or possibly avoid them altogether. Before we explore this further, let’s establish a fundamental understanding:

How Does Maryland Compare to Other States?

Maryland holds the 22nd position among the 50 states in overall quality of life, as per the rankings by US News Best States. It excels in areas such as healthcare, the natural environment, and crime and corrections, but faces challenges in the realms of the economy, infrastructure, and fiscal stability.

The cost of living in Maryland is notably high, exceeding the national average by 4.8%. Despite this, the state boasts a high median income of $50,548, in contrast to the national median of $34,103.

Most Dangerous Cities in Maryland

The population in Maryland is diverse, with 49.4% of residents holding a college degree, 31.1% being non-white, and 15.6% being foreign-born. The state also hosts a substantial federal presence, with over 60 federal facilities and a significant number of federal workers and contractors.

While Maryland maintains a relatively low homelessness rate of 7.9 per 10,000 people, below the national average of 17.4, it grapples with a high poverty rate of 9.4%, surpassing the national average of 8.4%.

In the following sections, we will disclose information on the five most dangerous cities in Maryland based on the latest data from various sources.

Ocean City

Ocean City, located on the Atlantic coast, draws numerous tourists and has a population of around 7,000. Despite its popularity, the city faces a notable crime issue, recording 1,431 violent crimes and 9,873 property crimes per 100,000 people in 2023.

Factors contributing to the elevated crime rate include the substantial tourist influx, the prevalence of drugs and alcohol, and insufficient police presence.

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Elkton, situated close to the Delaware border, is a small town with approximately 15,000 residents. In 2023, it recorded a notable crime rate, with 1,226 violent crimes and 5,280 property crimes per 100,000 people.

Several factors contribute to this elevated crime rate, including poverty, unemployment, drug trafficking, gang activity, substance abuse, and a shortage of police presence.

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Baltimore, Maryland, stands as the most populous city in the state, boasting around 600,000 residents. Notably, it faces a significant challenge with a heightened crime rate, registering 1,858 violent crimes and 4,495 property crimes per 100,000 individuals in the year 2023.

Factors contributing to this elevated crime rate encompass issues such as racial inequality, social unrest, corruption, and a shortage of economic prospects.

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Hyattsville, located as a suburb of Washington, D.C., is home to approximately 18,000 residents. The area faces a notable crime challenge, registering 1,075 violent crimes and 5,038 property crimes per 100,000 individuals in 2023. Contributing factors to this elevated crime rate include urbanization, immigration, and gentrification.

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Cambridge, situated on the Eastern Shore, is a town rich in history and home to approximately 12,000 residents. However, it faces a challenge with a notable crime rate, recording 1,064 violent crimes and 4,892 property crimes per 100,000 people in 2023. This elevated crime level can be attributed to factors such as poverty, segregation, and limited access to education.

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Final Words

Maryland boasts numerous attractions, yet it is not without its share of hazards. This article delves into the five most perilous cities in Maryland, drawing insights from the latest data from diverse sources.

Examining the underlying factors contributing to their elevated crime rates, we also consider potential strategies to enhance safety. Despite their current challenges, these cities are not devoid of hope.

Through effective policies, interventions, and collaborative efforts, they can undergo positive transformations, becoming safer and more appealing for residents and visitors alike.

When planning your visit to Maryland, it’s essential to weigh the risks and benefits of each city, making informed choices about where to explore and what activities to engage in. Prioritize safety while savoring the splendors that Maryland has to offer!

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