Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Butler County

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Butler County, Pennsylvania

Butler County, Pennsylvania, situated in the northwest region of the state, boasts a population of over 180,000 people. Renowned for its rustic charm and historical allure, the county is home to attractions like Moraine State Park, the Butler County Courthouse, and Slippery Rock University.

However, amidst its appealing qualities, there exists a notable level of crime and violence. Varied neighborhoods across Butler County exhibit differing safety levels, with some being safer havens while others should be approached cautiously due to their higher crime rates.

Presented below are the five most perilous neighborhoods in Butler County, as deduced from crime statistics and assessments from diverse sources.


Butler, serving as both the county seat and the largest city in Butler County, accommodates approximately 13,000 residents. Nestled along Connoquenessing Creek, it stands as one of Pennsylvania’s oldest cities, showcasing landmarks like the Butler Art Center, the Maridon Museum, and the Butler Little Theatre.

However, Butler also bears the stigma of being one of the county’s crime hotspots, boasting a crime rate 102% higher than the national average. Its violent crime rate soars to 316% above the national benchmark, with an incident occurring roughly every 18 minutes on average.

The city’s population density hovers around 3,000 individuals per square mile, with a potential victim’s likelihood of encountering crime being as high as 1 in 15.

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Slippery Rock

Positioned north of Butler along State Route 173, Slippery Rock is a borough that houses around 3,000 residents. Established in 1841, it emerged from sections of Slippery Rock Township and Worth Township. Aside from being an educational hub, home to the Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, offering diverse academic programs, it is also identified as one of the riskier regions in Butler County.

Its crime rate surges 72% above the national average, with violent crime standing 184% higher. On average, an incident transpires every 25 minutes within the borough. With an approximate population density of 2,000 individuals per square mile, the likelihood of becoming a crime victim here reaches about 1 in 19.

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Zelienople, a borough of about 4,000 inhabitants, is positioned east of Butler along State Route 68. Established in 1802 by Baron Dettmar Basse, it derives its name from his daughter Zelie. Historical sites like the Passavant House, Buhl House, and Strand Theater adorn the borough.

However, Zelienople also registers as one of the county’s riskier zones, boasting a crime rate surpassing the national average by 66%. Its violent crime rate ascends to 167% above the national benchmark, with incidents occurring about every 27 minutes on average.

With a population density of roughly 1,000 individuals per square mile, the odds of encountering crime in this area escalate to around 1 in 21.

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Saxonburg, with an approximate population of 1,000 residents, finds its place southeast of Butler along State Route 228. Established in 1832 by John A. Roebling, renowned for his design of the Brooklyn Bridge, the borough celebrates its German heritage through events like the Saxonburg Festival of Arts.

However, Saxonburg also contends with a higher crime rate than the national average of 59%. Violent crime statistics soar 150% beyond the national norm, with incidents occurring approximately every 29 minutes. The population density stands at roughly 500 individuals per square mile, raising the likelihood of encountering crime to around 1 in 23.

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South of Butler along State Route 228, Mars, a borough inhabited by around 1,000 individuals, was established in 1895 from portions of Adams Township and Middlesex Township. Mars garners attention for its quirky elements, including a flying saucer statue and an annual Mars New Year celebration.

However, Mars is another of Butler County’s more precarious regions, reporting a crime rate exceeding the national average by 50%. Its violent crime rate escalates 127% above the national benchmark, with incidents transpiring roughly every 31 minutes on average. The population density approximates 1,000 individuals per square mile, signifying an elevated potential for encountering crime, about 1 in 25.

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These are the five neighborhoods in Butler County, Pennsylvania, characterized as the most perilous based on available data. Yet, the specter of crime looms universally, making vigilance and situational awareness paramount.

Whether as a resident or visitor in these areas, adopting safety measures such as securing doors and windows, steering clear of dimly lit or secluded locales during nighttime, promptly reporting suspicious activities to the authorities, and potentially installing home security systems remain crucial practices.

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