Risk Assessment Ranking the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cowlitz County, Washington

Risk Assessment: Ranking the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cowlitz County, Washington

Crime is a serious problem that affects the safety and well-being of the residents and visitors of any community.

Cowlitz County, situated in Washington, is no different. With a population of approximately 110,000 and covering around 1,100 square miles, Cowlitz County stands out as one of the most diverse and vibrant counties in the state.

Nevertheless, it grapples with certain challenges regarding crime prevention and mitigation. This report aims to pinpoint the five most perilous neighborhoods in Cowlitz County, gauged by the crime rate per capita, taking into account the nature and seriousness of the offenses.

Additionally, we will furnish background details and statistics concerning each neighborhood, alongside insights into the endeavors of officials to curb crime within these areas.

NeighborhoodCrime rate (per 1,000)Violent crime rateProperty crime rate
West Side Highway49.674.9744.7
Castle Rock46.622.3144.31


With 38,440 residents as of 2020, this city is the biggest in Cowlitz County.Compared to the county average of 41.81, this city has a higher crime rate of 54.11 per 1,000 population.Furthermore, the rate of violent crime (7.69) is higher than the rate of property crime (46.42).

It is home to a number of industries, including aluminum, paper, and lumber, and is situated on the banks of the Columbia River. The Cowlitz County Historical Museum, the Nutty Narrows Bridge, and Lake Sacajawea Park are just a few of its many attractions.

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This urban area serves as the county seat for Cowlitz County and had a population of 12,720 as of 2020. The city exhibits a crime rate of 51.95 per 1,000 residents, surpassing the county average. Notably, both the rates of violent crime (7.57) and property crime (44.38) are comparable.

Risk Assessment: Ranking the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cowlitz County, Washington

Positioned at the confluence of the Cowlitz and Coweeman rivers, it is recognized as the “City of Three Rivers.” The locale features a historic downtown district, a regional airport, and a shopping mall.

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West Side Highway

As of the 2010 census, this specific area, designated for census purposes, has a population of 5,517. The crime rate in this location stands at 49.67 incidents per 1,000 residents, slightly exceeding the county average. While the rate of violent crime is lower at 4.97, the rate of property crime is higher at 44.70.

Situated along the west bank of the Cowlitz River, it is named after the state highway, SR 411, that passes through it. Additionally, the area features amenities such as a community park, a golf course, and a fire station.

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The population of this city was 6,760 as of 2020. Situated near the confluence of the Lewis and Columbia rivers, it serves as the entry point to the Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument. Additionally, the city boasts a botanical garden, hosts a lilac festival, and features a salmon hatchery.

Risk Assessment: Ranking the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Cowlitz County, Washington

In terms of crime, the city has a rate of 47.36 incidents per 1,000 residents, which is close to the county average. The rate of violent crime is comparatively lower at 3.18, but there is a higher rate of property crime at 44.18.

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Castle Rock

In 2020, the population of this city was 2,230, situated at the foothills of Mount St. Helens and named after a nearby volcanic rock formation. The area features a visitor center, a museum, and a fairground.

The city has a crime rate of 46.62 per 1,000 residents, closely aligning with the county average. While it exhibits a lower rate of violent crime (2.31), the incidence of property crime is higher (44.31).

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To Conclude

Despite its scenic beauty and diverse communities, Cowlitz County grapples with challenges in crime prevention. The report has pinpointed the five most dangerous neighborhoods: Longview, Kelso, West Side Highway, Woodland, and Castle Rock.

These areas experience higher rates of property crime compared to the county average, with some, like Longview and Kelso, also facing elevated levels of violent crime.

It is crucial to comprehend the unique challenges of each neighborhood to formulate effective solutions. Law enforcement initiatives, community engagement programs, and social interventions can all contribute to reducing crime and cultivating safer environments in Cowlitz County.

Through collaborative efforts, residents, officials, and community organizations can strive towards a better future for all.


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