Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Derry

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Derry, New Hampshire

Derry, situated in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, has a population of around 34,000 residents. This town is notable as the birthplace of astronaut Alan Shepard and the former residence of poet Robert Frost.

However, despite its historical and cultural importance, Derry also has certain areas that pose safety concerns for both residents and visitors.

How Does Derry Compare to Other Towns in New Hampshire?

Derry holds the distinction of being the most populous town in Rockingham County and the fourth most populous in the state of New Hampshire. Despite its demographic significance, the town faces challenges such as a higher cost of living, a lower median home value, and an elevated crime rate compared to state averages.

Additionally, Derry registers lower scores in both quality of life and education indices compared to the statewide standards.

 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Derry, New Hampshire

Nevertheless, Derry boasts a rich history and culture, serving as the birthplace of the first American astronaut in space, Alan Shepard. Notable attractions in the town include the Robert Frost Farm, the Derry Opera House, and the Derry Museum of History.

While Derry encounters both challenges and opportunities, it aligns closely with other towns in New Hampshire concerning demographics, economy, and environment.

This list highlights the five most dangerous neighborhoods in Derry, determined by factors such as crime rates, poverty levels, and public perception.

NeighborhoodCrime Rate (per 100,000 people)Median Home ValueMedian Household IncomePoverty Rate
West Derry5,000$237,900$58,4729.7%
City Walls6,500$191,200$49,02814.9%

West Derry

West Derry, situated to the west of downtown, exhibits a higher crime rate compared to the rest of the town. reports a 1 in 20 chance of being a crime victim in West Derry, in contrast to the 1 in 91 odds in the northeast part of town.

Additionally, West Derry demonstrates lower median home values and household incomes than the town average, suggesting a comparatively lower quality of life.

City Walls

City Walls, situated close to the historic downtown of Derry, is characterized by the presence of well-preserved old stone walls. Despite hosting cultural and historical attractions, this area grapples with a notable crime rate and a low desirability index.

As reported by the Belfast Telegraph, City Walls ranked as the district with the highest crime rate in Derry in 2018, while simultaneously holding the lowest position in terms of social deprivation.

The area also experiences high population density and boasts a relatively low median home value, diminishing its attractiveness to prospective residents.

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Londonderry, situated adjacent to Derry, shares a portion of its history and culture. Nonetheless, Londonderry faces challenges related to crime and poverty, particularly in its northern region.

Based on HomeSnacks data, Londonderry’s overall crime rate is 1,245.3 per 100,000 people, surpassing the state average of 986.4 per 100,000 people. The town also exhibits a lower median household income and a higher poverty rate compared to the state average, suggesting a comparatively lower quality of life.

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Hampstead, situated to the east of Derry, is a neighboring town with a higher crime rate and a lower quality of life compared to Derry, as per several sources.

BestNeighborhood reports indicate that Hampstead has a violent crime rate of 1 in 1,000 and a property crime rate of 1 in 75, both exceeding national averages. Additionally, Hampstead has a lower median home value and a higher cost of living than Derry, making it less affordable and appealing.

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Salem, situated south of Derry, is recognized for its shopping centers and theme parks. Nonetheless, the town has a sinister aspect, being the most dangerous neighborhood in the region.

As per AreaVibes, Salem boasts a crime rate of 2,346.0 per 100,000 people, surpassing both the state and national averages by more than double. Additionally, Salem contends with elevated poverty levels, limited educational attainment, and a low desirability index, rendering it an unfavorable location for residence or tourism.

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Final Words

Derry, New Hampshire, boasts a rich history and culture, yet it also encompasses neighborhoods that face safety and desirability concerns. Analyzing crime rates, poverty levels, and public perception, the top five risky neighborhoods in Derry emerge as West Derry, City Walls, Londonderry, Hampstead, and Salem.

These areas exhibit higher risks of violence, property damage, and social deprivation compared to the town and state averages. If you’re considering a visit or residency in Derry, it’s essential to be cognizant of these neighborhoods and, if possible, avoid them.

Alternatively, you can contribute to the ongoing efforts of local authorities and community organizations aimed at enhancing conditions and security in these areas. While Derry holds numerous attractions, addressing these challenges is crucial for its overall well-being.


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