Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Vermilion County

Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Vermilion County, Illinois

Vermilion County, situated in the state of Illinois, is home to around 75,000 residents. Its county seat is Danville, which also happens to be its largest city. The county exhibits a crime rate of approximately 41 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants, surpassing the average for most U.S. counties.

Nevertheless, certain areas within Vermilion County experience higher crime rates than others. Below, we outline the five most precarious neighborhoods in Vermilion County based on data sourced from and

1. Danville

Encompassing the majority of eastern Vermilion County, Danville claims the highest crime rate within the region, with roughly 52 offenses reported per 1,000 residents. Predominantly, these offenses relate to property crimes, encompassing theft, burglary, and motor vehicle theft.

However, instances of violent crimes like assault, robbery, rape, and murder are also prevalent. The likelihood of falling victim to crime in Danville may be as high as 1 in 19.

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2. Rabbittown

Located south of Main Street and east of Bowman Avenue in Danville, Rabbittown ranks second in terms of crime rates within Vermilion County, recording approximately 46 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants.

This locality is also characterized by a substantial number of property crimes, particularly theft and burglary. While violent crimes are less frequent, they still occur intermittently. The possibility of becoming a crime victim in Rabbittown might be as high as 1 in 22.

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3. Holiday Hills

Situated north of Main Street and east of Bowman Avenue in Danville, Holiday Hills stands as the third-highest neighborhood for crime rates in Vermilion County, tallying around 44 offenses per 1,000 residents.

This vicinity encounters a mixture of property and violent crimes, with theft being the dominant offense. The presence of numerous retail establishments in this area could attract both criminals and visitors. The chance of falling prey to crime in Holiday Hills may be as high as 1 in 23.

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4. West Newell

West Newell, positioned west of Bowman Avenue and north of Main Street in Danville, holds the fourth-highest crime rate in Vermilion County, registering approximately 42 offenses per 1,000 inhabitants. Property crimes, like theft and vandalism, constitute the majority, but instances of violent crimes, such as assault and robbery, are also noted.

This neighborhood’s proximity to Champaign County’s border might heighten its exposure to crime from adjacent areas. The probability of encountering crime in West Newell might be as high as 1 in 24.

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5. Fairweight / Elmwood Park

Found south of Fairchild Street and west of Bowman Avenue in Danville, the Fairweight / Elmwood Park neighborhood claims the fifth-highest crime rate in Vermilion County, recording around 40 offenses per 1,000 residents.

Primarily consisting of property crimes like burglary and theft, this area also sees occurrences of violent crimes, including assault and rape. With its relatively rural and sparsely populated nature, criminals might find it easier to operate. The likelihood of experiencing crime in Fairweight / Elmwood Park could be as high as 1 in 25.

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Vermilion County isn’t generally considered a very safe location, but certain neighborhoods have notably higher crime rates than others. The five most hazardous neighborhoods within Vermilion County are Danville, Rabbittown, Holiday Hills, West Newell, and Fairweight / Elmwood Park.

These areas exhibit heightened risks of both property and violent crimes compared to the rest of the county. If you reside in or visit these neighborhoods, remaining vigilant and taking precautions to safeguard yourself and your belongings is advised.

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