Most Expensive Residential Property in Broward County

Discover the 5 Most Expensive Residential Property in Broward County, Florida

Broward County stands out as one of the most populous and diverse counties in Florida, boasting a lively culture, a thriving economy, and a breathtaking coastline.

Within this county lie some of the state’s most opulent and valuable properties, ranging from lavish oceanfront penthouses to secluded private islands.

Here, we present five of the most exorbitant residential properties currently on the market in Broward County as of August 2023.

1. Sea Ranch Lakes – $1,939,476

Situated on a barrier island in the northeastern part of the county, Sea Ranch Lakes is a quaint village surrounded by water on three sides. Residents here enjoy access to a private beach club.

The average home value in Sea Ranch Lakes stands at $1,939,476, making it the country’s most exclusive residential area.

Homes in Sea Ranch Lakes predominantly embrace Mediterranean-style architecture, boasting expansive lots and captivating bay views.

2. Southwest Ranches – $1,296,548

Found in the southwestern part of the county, Southwest Ranches is a rural community renowned for its sprawling estates, equestrian ranches, and agricultural pursuits.

With an average home value of $1,296,548, it secures the position of the county’s second most luxurious enclave.

Residences in Southwest Ranches are custom-designed, featuring spacious interiors and picturesque exteriors.

3. Parkland – $1,111,668

Nestled in the northwestern region of the county, Parkland is a suburban city celebrated for its safe environment, top-tier educational institutions, and ample green spaces.

The average home value in Parkland is $1,111,668, ranking it as the third most upscale locale in Broward County. Distinguished by modern elegance, Parkland homes boast generous yards and inviting pools.

4. Lighthouse Point – $825,813

Gracing the northeastern shores of the county, Lighthouse Point is a coastal city named after the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. Its reputation is built on maritime activities, waterfront residences, and charming condos.

With an average home value of $825,813, Lighthouse Point claims the fourth spot among Broward County’s most posh areas. Residences here typically showcase contemporary style, offering vistas of the ocean or the Intracoastal Waterway.

5. Weston – $702,763

Positioned in the county’s western reaches, Weston is a meticulously planned city synonymous with an elevated quality of life, a diverse populace, and award-winning landscaping.

Hosting corporate headquarters and golf courses, Weston’s average home value of $702,763 secures its rank as the fifth most prestigious locale in Broward County.

Homes in Weston epitomize refinement and sophistication, often located within gated communities with an array of amenities.

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