Most Safest Neighborhoods in Tanaina

Discover the 5 Most Safest Neighborhoods in Tanaina, Alaska

Tanaina represents a rural locality situated in the Matanuska-Susitna Borough of Alaska, encompassing approximately 10,000 inhabitants. It emerges as an ideal choice for families who prioritize quality education, outdoor pursuits, and a robust economic environment.

However, one might inquire about the most secure residential areas within Tanaina. Here, I present five such neighborhoods, determined by considerations of crime prevalence, public educational institutions, real estate costs, and available community facilities.

South Tanaina

This locality is situated to the southern side of the city center and presents some of the finest residential real estate in Tanaina. The middle home price stands at $297,900, surpassing the Alaska average. However, this cost mirrors the excellence and allure of the homes.

With a low crime rate and excellent public schools, the neighborhood is a perfect fit for families with kids. Additionally, there are pleasant waterfront spaces and a recently constructed, spacious performing arts center in the area, enhancing its attractiveness.

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East Tanaina

This locality is situated towards the eastern side of the city center and comprises a blend of detached houses and compact apartment complexes. The median cost of a home is $330,737, a tad above South Tanaina, yet it remains within an affordable range for numerous individuals.

The area boasts of a minimal crime rate, well-performing public educational institutions, and opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hunting, and exploring Chugach State Park. Moreover, the community is diverse, with 6.5% of its occupants having Native American heritage.

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West Tanaina

This locality is located to the west of the downtown area and mainly consists of moderate to small-sized individual homes. The middle value for home prices is $312,500, which is less than East Tanaina, but higher than the typical range for Alaska.

The community experiences low crime levels and has satisfactory public schools, along with being conveniently close to shopping and dining choices. Furthermore, it boasts a youthful population, with a median age of 29.3 years.

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North Tanaina

This area can be found to the north of the city center. It primarily consists of small single-family homes and mobile homes. The median price for a home here is $275,000, making it the least expensive out of the five neighborhoods, although still above the Alaska average.

The neighborhood experiences a moderate level of crime and has average public schools. Additionally, residents can enjoy access to nature and wildlife. A noteworthy aspect is the substantial proportion of homes owned by residents, with 81% of people in the neighborhood being homeowners.

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Central Tanaina

This locality is situated at the center of the city and offers a range of housing options, including standalone houses, apartments, and condominiums. The middle home price stands at $300,000, akin to South Tanaina, yet mirroring the advantageous and varied setting here.

The area maintains a decent crime rate and boasts better-than-average public schools, coupled with the convenience of reaching cultural and recreational destinations. Furthermore, the community is lively, with 14% of inhabitants hailing from foreign countries.

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Final Words

Here are a few of the safest neighborhoods in Tanaina, Alaska. Each neighborhood comes with its own pros and cons, influenced by your personal preferences and budget. Yet, regardless of your choice, you’ll relish residing in an attractive and welcoming community that presents numerous chances for personal development and joy.