Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Decatur

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Decatur, Alabama

Decatur, Alabama, is a city with a fascinating past, a lively culture, and a diverse community. Situated along the Tennessee River, it provides numerous attractions and facilities for both locals and tourists.

Nevertheless, certain neighborhoods in Decatur don’t receive as much attention as they deserve from people outside the area. These hidden gems possess distinctive appeal and promise. In this article, we will examine five of the most underrated neighborhoods and uncover what makes them extraordinary.

Albany (New Decatur)

Albany, also known as New Decatur, is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. It started in 1887 as a rival town to Old Decatur and later joined it in 1927. Albany has lots of old buildings and landmarks, like the Old State Bank, Carnegie Library, and Princess Theatre.

The downtown area is bustling with shops, restaurants, and places for entertainment. The neighborhood is home to diverse communities, including African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians. People here have a strong sense of identity and pride.

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East Acres

East Acres is a neighborhood that was built in the 1950s and 1960s as a suburban area for middle-class families. It has large plots of land, one-story ranch-style houses, and roads lined with trees.

East Acres is famous for being a friendly and inviting place, and it has an active civic association that plans events and activities for the people living there. Additionally, East Acres is near various parks, schools, and shopping centers, making it a convenient and comfortable neighborhood for its residents.

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Harborview (Riverfront)

Harborview is a neighborhood in Decatur with beautiful views of the Tennessee River and Wheeler Lake. It’s a highly sought-after area known for its scenic landscapes, including the water and mountains. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options, from luxurious condos and townhomes to cozy cottages and single-family homes.

Residents of Harborview can enjoy access to recreational facilities like the Riverwalk Marina, Rhodes Ferry Park, and Point Mallard Park, providing opportunities for relaxation and fun activities. Overall, Harborview provides a peaceful and enjoyable lifestyle for its residents.

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Irvington (Limestone County)

Irvington is a neighborhood located in Limestone County, just across the river from Morgan County. It is a rapidly growing area in Decatur and is becoming popular for new businesses and developments. Despite its growth, Irvington has a rural atmosphere with farms, fields, and woods nearby.

Despite its rural feel, Irvington also offers modern conveniences like the Limestone Medical Village, the Limestone Flea Market, and the Limestone County Event Center. It is a neighborhood that provides a peaceful and tranquil environment while also presenting opportunities for its residents.

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Whiteside (Limestone County)

Whiteside is a neighborhood in Limestone County. It got its name from James Whiteside, a well-known landowner who generously donated land for schools and churches in the region. This area is historically significant and has taken care to preserve its original buildings and structures.

The community here is close-knit, with numerous churches, schools, and civic organizations catering to the residents. Whiteside takes pride in its heritage and cherished customs.

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Final Words

These are just a few of the underrated neighborhoods that make Decatur a wonderful place to live, work, and have fun. Each neighborhood has its unique character and charm, which might not be obvious right away. But if you take a closer look, you’ll find hidden gems and treasures in each of them. Decatur is a city that caters to everyone’s interests, and these neighborhoods show just that.