Most Underrated Neighborhood in Huntsville, Alabama

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, a city that blends advanced technology, Southern hospitality, and picturesque landscapes, hosts the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, the biggest research park in North America, and a lively downtown enriched with arts, culture, and entertainment.

Beyond these well-known attractions, Huntsville houses hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, particularly for those seeking residential or real estate investment opportunities. Here are five underrated neighborhoods in Huntsville, Alabama.

West Huntsville

West Huntsville is changing from a rural area to a bustling center of small businesses and creative ventures. Companies like Yellowhammer Brewing are leading this transformation. The neighborhood combines the appeal of old farmhouses and cottages with the growing influence of new commercial activities, benefiting from the affordable real estate prices.

Whether you seek a location to start a business or prefer a lifestyle surrounded by open spaces and friendly neighbors, West Huntsville could be the ideal destination for you

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Harvest is a charming community located on the outskirts of Huntsville, which embodies the classical Southern lifestyle. The name “Harvest” reflects its agricultural roots, which were prevalent in much of the southern United States before the Industrial Revolution. Despite its rural vibe, Harvest offers modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient life for its residents.

In terms of real estate, the prices still reflect the rural lifestyle, and the lots are reminiscent of farmland plots. However, with the increasing commercial development in Huntsville, Harvest’s strategic location makes it likely to experience growth and demand. This means that properties in Harvest will become sought-after by those who value easy access to major roads and prefer living on spacious lots.

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New Market

New Market is a neighborhood close to the airport, and its property value has the potential to rise significantly. The key to its growth is attracting more businesses from the tech and engineering industries in Huntsville. If a green-focused, alternative energy initiative takes off, it could bring the necessary traffic and attention to lift the surrounding neighborhoods to prominence.

Additionally, New Market boasts historical attractions like the New Market Historic District and the Battle of New Market site, providing an opportunity to learn about Alabama’s Civil War history

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Madison is a distinct city neighboring Huntsville, with its own unique appeal. It is renowned for its top-notch schools, family-oriented facilities, and diverse community. According to, Madison boasts some of the finest neighborhoods in Huntsville AL, particularly in the southeast where you can discover luxurious homes with large yards and beautiful views.

Additionally, the north regions offer more budget-friendly options, providing cozy homes with easy access to shopping and dining opportunities.

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Hazel Green

Hazel Green, situated north of Huntsville, is a tranquil and peaceful community offering a rural atmosphere with abundant green spaces and farms. It boasts historical sites like the Hazel Green Academy and the Hazel Green United Methodist Church.

This area is perfect for individuals seeking a serene lifestyle away from the city’s hustle and bustle while still having access to its conveniences and opportunities

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Final Words

Here are a few lesser-known neighborhoods in Huntsville, Alabama. There are plenty more waiting to be uncovered and explored, each boasting its distinct character and allure.