Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Meridian

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Meridian, Idaho

Meridian, Idaho is a rapidly expanding city that provides a range of attractions and pastimes for both locals and tourists. From its delightful downtown district to its picturesque natural surroundings, Meridian caters to a diverse array of interests.

However, despite certain neighborhoods in Meridian being widely recognized and favored, there are hidden treasures that warrant greater recognition. Here are five of the most underrated neighborhoods in Meridian, Idaho that you should explore:

Sienna Creek

Sienna Creek is a charming housing development in Meridian, situated off of Ustick Road. Established in 2005, this community comprises approximately 133 homes, priced between $200,000 and $400,000.

Sienna Creek is recognized for its minimal crime rate and welcoming environment for families. Additionally, it boasts an appealing system of tree-bordered pathways and a community park for residents to relish.

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Saguaro Canyon

If you have a fondness for a Southwestern atmosphere, Saguaro Canyon could be the perfect neighborhood for you. Saguaro Canyon is an upscale residential area characterized by its breathtaking desert landscaping and distinctive architecture. Situated to the north of McMillian, it’s nestled between Meridian Road and Locust Grove.

Established in 2007, this neighborhood boasts around 600 homes. Saguaro Canyon is also known for its low crime rate and strong sense of community. In addition, it provides residents with appealing amenities, including a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a playground, and scenic walking paths.

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Paisley Meadows

In the southeastern outskirts of Meridian, you’ll find Paisley Meadows, a lesser-known neighborhood renowned for its beautiful network of tree-lined trails and serene natural surroundings. Established in 2012, Paisley Meadows comprises approximately 200 homes, with prices ranging from $300,000 to $500,000.

This neighborhood is celebrated for its low crime rate and top-notch schools. Additionally, residents can take advantage of a community park and a charming pond within Paisley Meadows.

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BridgeTower is a well-designed residential area in Meridian, offering a blend of both traditional and modern homes. Situated between McMillian Road and Ustick Road, just off Ten Mile Road, this community was established in 2000 and comprises approximately 900 houses ranging in price from $300,000 to $800,000.

Noteworthy for its safety record and abundant amenities, BridgeTower provides residents with access to two clubhouses, two pools, two playgrounds, a basketball court, a volleyball court, and scenic walking paths.

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Sonna is a quiet countryside community situated in Meridian. It features large plots of land and individually designed houses. Found off Victory Road, it is nestled between Black Cat Road and McDermott Road. Established in 1999, the neighborhood presently comprises approximately 100 homes, with prices ranging from $400,000 to $1 million.

Sonna is distinguished by its minimal crime rate and tranquil environment. It also provides conveniences like a community park and scenic walking paths.

Final Words

Meridian, Idaho boasts a diverse range of offerings, from its lively downtown to its stunning natural surroundings. However, there are certain neighborhoods that don’t receive the attention they truly deserve, given their distinctive characteristics and advantages.

Whether you seek a snug enclave, an upscale community, or a tranquil rural escape, you’ll encounter it in one of these five underappreciated neighborhoods in Meridian, Idaho. So, why wait? Delve into these hidden treasures and uncover what sets them apart.