Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Montgomery County

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Montgomery County, Alabama

Montgomery County, Alabama, hosts the state capital and boasts a storied past of civil rights, culture, and business. Apart from the famous sights in downtown Montgomery, there are numerous hidden treasures to discover in the county’s varied neighborhoods.

If you seek a peaceful getaway, a lively community, or a touch of history, you’ll uncover it in one of these five underrated neighborhoods in Montgomery County.

Pike Road

If you’re seeking a calm and picturesque place to call home, Pike Road could be the ideal pick. Situated to the southeast of Montgomery, this town is renowned for its countryside charm and welcoming vibe. With a population of around 10,000 residents, Pike Road offers a range of housing options, from snug cottages to expansive estates.

Embrace the outdoors with numerous parks, lakes, and trails nearby, or become a part of the community through events and clubs that nurture a sense of belonging. Additionally, Pike Road is proud to host the Pike Road School System, which ranks among the highest-rated public school systems in the state.

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If you’re seeking a lively and diverse neighborhood full of unique charm, Cloverdale-Idlewild could be the perfect choice. Situated to the southwest of downtown Montgomery, it stands as one of the city’s oldest and most historically rich areas.

Cloverdale-Idlewild boasts a variety of architectural designs, ranging from Victorian to Craftsman to Mid-century Modern. Along Fairview Avenue, you’ll discover numerous local businesses, eateries, pubs, and art galleries. For a cinematic experience, catch a film at the Capri Theatre, one of the nation’s oldest independent cinemas.

Take in the lush surroundings and live music at Cloverdale Bottom Park, or leisurely wander along the leafy avenues, taking in the vibrant homes and gardens.

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Hope Hull

If you’re seeking a quaint and historic countryside neighborhood, Hope Hull could be the perfect fit. Situated just south of Montgomery, this unincorporated community is renowned for its agricultural legacy and pre-Civil War landmarks.

Hope Hull boasts a population of around 3,000 residents, offering a peaceful and laid-back way of life. Explore the historical sites like the Pintlala Baptist Church, established in 1825, or the Lowndesboro Plantation, constructed in 1856 and repurposed as a hospital during the Civil War. Indulge in some local fare at one of the rustic-style eateries or bakeries in the vicinity.

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If you want a diverse and budget-friendly neighborhood with great potential, Chisholm could be the perfect choice. Situated northeast of downtown Montgomery, it’s one of the city’s most culturally and ethnically varied areas.

Chisholm is home to roughly 8,000 people and provides a variety of housing options, from single-family houses to apartments and mobile homes. You’ll find numerous conveniences and services nearby, including supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, schools, and churches.

Additionally, you can enjoy some of the recreational offerings in the vicinity, like Chisholm Park, which features a playground, basketball court, and picnic area.

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Old Cloverdale

If you’re after a charming and historically rich neighborhood with a vibrant cultural scene, Old Cloverdale might be the perfect pick. Situated to the southeast of downtown Montgomery, it stands out as one of the city’s most esteemed and picturesque areas.

Old Cloverdale showcases some of the finest architectural styles from the early 20th century in the state, ranging from Tudor to Colonial Revival to Spanish Revival.

The area boasts numerous cultural attractions, including the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, a leading professional theatre nationally, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts, home to a diverse collection of over 4,000 artworks. Additionally, you can indulge in top-notch dining and shopping options along Zelda Road or Cloverdale Road.

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These are just a few of the many communities in Montgomery County that are often overlooked, yet they each provide a way of life that is distinctive and pleasurable. You can find exactly what you’re looking for at one of these incredible locales, whether it be a sense of community, environment, history, or culture.

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