Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Northport

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Northport, Alabama

Northport, Alabama, situated alongside the Black Warrior River and across from downtown Tuscaloosa, exudes a captivating charm. With a population of 31,125 recorded in the 2020 US Census, it ranks as the 17th largest city in Alabama.

Among its offerings are captivating attractions like the historical downtown, Kentuck Art Center, Lake Tuscaloosa, and the Northport Heritage Museum. The city boasts a vibrant and diverse community, attracting families and young professionals alike.

While Northport’s prominent zones like City Center and Northwood Lake are well-documented, there are hidden treasures deserving of greater recognition.

These neighborhoods present a blend of affordable housing, minimal crime rates, quality educational institutions, and picturesque vistas. The following are Northport, Alabama’s top five neighborhoods that often fly under the radar:

House Bend Rd/Watercolor Dr

This locality rests in the northern section of the city, close to Lake Tuscaloosa. It presents a rural environment, characterized by predominantly standalone residences situated on spacious plots of land. The median residence valuation here is $302,000, surpassing the city’s mean of $228,503, yet remaining justifiable given the standard of living.

Crime levels within this neighborhood are notably low, complemented by an elevated graduation rate and a tranquil ambiance. It proves to be an excellent match for individuals who hold an affinity for nature and outdoor pursuits.

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Mitt Lary Rd/Frank Lary Rd

This district resides in the western region of the city, adjacent to Tuscaloosa County’s border. It constitutes a suburban zone, featuring a blend of detached houses and apartment buildings. The median residence value in this locality stands at $213,000, which falls below the city’s typical benchmark.

Within this neighborhood, crime remains infrequent, incomes per person are elevated, and the populace displays a variety of backgrounds. It serves as an excellent choice for individuals seeking proximity to Tuscaloosa’s conveniences while relishing a tranquil and secure atmosphere.

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Rue Rd/Sawmill Rd

This district can be found in the eastern section of the city, close to the Coker border. It’s characterized by its rural atmosphere, consisting primarily of individual homes and farmland.

The typical home value in this area is $185,000, which falls below the city’s average. The locality boasts a minimal crime rate, a significant rate of homeownership, and a welcoming community. It’s a perfect choice for individuals seeking a taste of countryside living with ample room to enjoy.

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Union Chapel Rd/Northwood Lake Dr W

This locality can be found in the southern section of the city, close to Northwood Lake. It takes on a suburban character, mainly featuring detached homes alongside a few townhouses.

The median value of homes in this district rests at $199,000, which falls beneath the city’s usual average. The area boasts of a minimal crime rate, elevated educational attainment, and picturesque vistas of the lake. It stands as a perfect choice for individuals seeking access to leisure amenities and a lakeside way of life.

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Union Chapel Rd/Barnes Settlement Rd

This locality can be found in the southeastern section of the city, adjacent to Fleetwood. It encompasses a rural environment, predominantly comprised of individual residences and mobile homes.

The median property valuation within this vicinity stands at $144,000, a figure below the city’s typical mean. The community boasts minimal criminal activity, an economical standard of living, and a tightly-knit social fabric. It presents an optimal choice for individuals seeking budget-friendly living arrangements and a strong feeling of community connection.

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Here are five neighborhoods in Northport, Alabama that often don’t get the recognition they deserve. They present excellent prospects for homebuyers seeking high-quality residences at affordable rates. Moreover, they furnish a cozy and secure living ambiance for individuals valuing Northport’s charm and variety.

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