Most Underrated Neighborhoods in South Burlington

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in South Burlington, Vermont

South Burlington, Vermont presents a juxtaposition of elements. Within its bounds, you’ll find the headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s, the state’s largest mall, and a thriving arts scene.

Yet, it also boasts natural splendor, with Lake Champlain, Shelburne Bay, and the Green Mountains in proximity. Now, let’s explore the top residential areas in South Burlington. Here are five neighborhoods that warrant greater recognition for their allure, convenience, and sense of community.

Queen City Park / Twin Orchards

This community is situated on the western border of South Burlington, right by the shores of Lake Champlain. It holds historical significance as it served as a summer retreat for affluent residents of Burlington during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

In the present day, the area features a blend of cottages, bungalows, and modern houses, several of which offer scenic views and direct access to the lake. The neighborhood fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere, boasting amenities like a community center, a beach, and a park. Additionally, its proximity to downtown Burlington and the airport adds to its appeal.

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Dorset Park

Dorset Park constitutes a community situated in the southern region of South Burlington, in close proximity to the Shelburne border. This locality proves to be conducive to families, presenting a diverse range of housing selections encompassing apartments, condominiums, detached homes, and townhouses.

The nomenclature of this neighborhood originates from the expansive park situated at its core. This park incorporates amenities such as a playground, skate park, swimming pool, tennis courts, and sports fields. Additionally, Dorset Park boasts convenient access to educational institutions, commercial hubs, and dining establishments.

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City Center

City Center stands as the freshest and most daring district within South Burlington. Its objective is to establish a pedestrian-friendly city center, featuring structures with mixed purposes, communal areas, and cultural attractions.

While the neighborhood is currently undergoing development, certain aspects have already been finalized or are in the midst of progress. These encompass a municipal building, a center for seniors, a library, a park, and two primary roads (Market Street and Garden Street). The aspiration for City Center is to craft a lively and ecologically responsible focal point for urban life in South Burlington.

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South Burlington East

South Burlington East constitutes a residential area located in the eastern section of the city, in proximity to the Williston border. Characterized as suburban, this locality primarily encompasses apartment complexes and detached single-family residences.

This district holds particular appeal for both young professionals and families, particularly those employed within the neighboring technological firms and medical institutions.

One of the notable advantages of South Burlington East is its convenient connection to Interstate 89, a major roadway facilitating travel to Montpelier and various other locations. Additionally, the neighborhood boasts several verdant expanses, including Red Rocks Park and Wheeler Nature Park.

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Burlington International Airport

Burlington International Airport serves not only as a travel hub but also as a distinct community within itself. Positioned in the northern region of South Burlington, it boasts a diverse and lively population comprising individuals from various nations and walks of life.

Furthermore, this neighborhood offers distinctive points of interest, including the Vermont Air National Guard Museum, the Wings Over Vermont Air Show, and the Burlington Bike Path. For those who seek proximity to the city center and various transportation choices, the airport vicinity is an ideal location for both travelers and daily commuters.

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These neighborhoods contribute to South Burlington’s charm and offer a pleasant living experience. Whether you seek history, natural beauty, cultural richness, or convenience, these often overlooked areas provide it all. Whether you’re considering a move to South Burlington or planning a visit, be sure to explore these underrated Neighborhoods!

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