Most Worst Cities in Wyoming

Discover the 5 Most Worst Cities in Wyoming

Wyoming is a state that is well-known for its scenic landscapes, diverse fauna, and opportunities for outdoor activity. However, not every city in Wyoming can be considered a utopia.

Some locations suffer from high rates of criminal activity, poor quality of life, and limited economic opportunities. In this Article, we will examine the five cities in Wyoming that are considered to be the very worst, using data obtained from a variety of different sources.


Riverton remains the riskiest city in Wyoming for another year, with an increase in both violent and property offenses. Although it wasn’t the most violent city in Wyoming in 2020, it had the second-highest rates of sexual assault and murder in the state.

Residents face nearly three times the risk of falling victim to violent crime compared to the state average. Established in 1906, Riverton got its name from the convergence of four rivers in the area. The city is divided into four main sections, with Riverton East being the least secure.

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Located within the Casper Metro Area, Evansville is ranked as the least favorable place to reside in Wyoming. Crime is a notable concern, with a noticeable drop in violent incidents from the prior year, but an uptick in property-related offenses. Moreover, Evansville grapples with a modest median income, elevated joblessness, and limited educational achievements. Established in 1923, the town bears the name of W.T. Evans, a notable rancher in the vicinity.

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Rawlins is a city with high levels of crime, particularly property-related offenses. It also has a low average income, a high poverty rate, and homes that are valued relatively lower. Established in 1867 as a Union Pacific Railroad stop, Rawlins took its name from General John A. Rawlins, a notable figure from the Civil War and a close associate of Ulysses S. Grant.

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Evanston is a little city in the southwest of Wyoming, close to the Utah border. It unfortunately experiences a higher rate of violent crimes, especially robberies considering its size.

The city also has lower average income, expensive living costs, and homes with lower values. Evanston was established in 1868 as a stop along the Union Pacific Railroad, and it was named after James A. Evans, a surveyor for the railroad.

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Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming and its biggest city, has some neighborhoods that need extra care when passing through. This is especially true for the southern part of town and the historic district during late hours.

Compared to the state average, Cheyenne experiences a higher rate of violent crimes, particularly assault and robbery. Property crime is also higher than the national average, with notable rates of burglary and theft. Established in 1867 as a crucial railroad hub, Cheyenne got its name from the Cheyenne Native American tribe that once lived in the region.

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According to our research, the following five cities in Wyoming are the state’s absolute worst. Even if these towns might have some redeeming traits, the fact that they also have a great deal of difficulties and risks makes them unattractive to a lot of individuals. If you are thinking of traveling to Wyoming or even relocating there, you should probably steer clear of these areas and always use an abundance of caution while you are there.