Most Worst Neighborhoods in Burlington

Discover the 5 Most Worst Neighborhoods in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont presents itself as a picturesque city with a plethora of allures and conveniences tailored for both its inhabitants and tourists. Renowned for its lively downtown, picturesque waterfront, and forward-thinking college-town ambiance, Burlington does not uniformly guarantee the same level of desirability and safety across all its regions.

Certain areas within the city grapple with elevated instances of criminal activity, poverty, and societal challenges, setting them apart from others. This Article will delve into the five least desirable neighborhoods in Burlington, Vermont, drawing upon data from multiple sources.

Old East End

The expansive region known as the Old East End includes the University of Vermont campus, the Centennial neighborhood, and the Winooski Valley Park District. It accommodates numerous students, young professionals, and families who value its proximity to the university and the surrounding natural spaces.

Nonetheless, there are certain drawbacks associated with this area. These include issues like traffic congestion, noise pollution, and a scarcity of affordable housing options. In addition, the Old East End experiences a higher crime rate compared to the city’s average, particularly in terms of property-related offenses such as burglary and theft. Furthermore, the median household income in the Old East End is lower than the city’s average, standing at $42,745.

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South End

The South End represents a vibrant and creative community that has experienced noticeable gentrification in the recent past. Renowned for its art galleries, studios, and coffee shops, along with its rich architectural history and industrial roots, the neighborhood encounters certain difficulties. These include the displacement of its economically disadvantaged inhabitants, limited public transportation options, and environmental concerns.

With a poverty rate of 18.9%, the South End surpasses the city’s average. Additionally, its proximity to the airport and highway contributes to an elevated level of air pollution compared to the city average.

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Central Business District

The Central Business District functions as the core of downtown Burlington. This is where the majority of the city’s business, cultural, and community events occur. It also serves as the main attraction for tourists and those visiting, offering an array of shops, dining establishments, and entertainment options.

Nevertheless, there are also downsides associated with it. These include issues like overcrowding, difficulties with parking, and homelessness. The Central Business District experiences a higher incidence of violent crimes compared to the city’s overall average, particularly in terms of assaults and robberies. Additionally, the cost of living is elevated compared to the city’s average due to the strong demand for housing and services.

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The Intervale is a rural region located alongside the Winooski River in the northern section of Burlington. It’s recognized for its agricultural pursuits like farming, gardening, and composting. The area is also celebrated for its efforts in environmental conservation, restoration, and education.

Nevertheless, there are also some downsides associated with it, such as flooding, remoteness, and inadequate infrastructure. The Intervale faces a greater susceptibility to natural disasters compared to the city’s usual standards, particularly when it comes to floods and storms. Moreover, it has lesser access to conveniences than the city average, including schools, healthcare centers, and grocery stores.

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Old North End

The Old North End stands as Burlington’s oldest and most tightly packed residential area. Renowned for its mix of cultures, well-preserved buildings from the past, and strong sense of community, the neighborhood is also recognized for its active engagement in causes like advocating for accessible housing, equitable treatment regardless of race, and the rights of immigrants.

Nevertheless, there are downsides to consider. These include issues such as economic hardship, criminal activity, and substance misuse. With a poverty rate of 32%, the Old North End holds the city’s highest poverty rate. Furthermore, it experiences the city’s highest incidence of crimes, notably homicides, sexual assaults, and drug-related offenses.

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Final Words

Here are the five most worst neighborhoods in Burlington, Vermont, based on the data we’ve gathered. Nevertheless, it’s important to note that these neighborhoods still possess positive attributes and the potential for enhancement. Every neighborhood has its own positive attributes, difficulties, and possibilities for development. Thank you for taking the time to read!