NYC Subway Scare Man with Machete Covered in Red Substance Arrested

NYC Subway Scare: Man with Machete Covered in Red Substance Arrested

On the subway, police from the New York Police Department arrested a man carrying a machete. On Friday at 11:30 a.m., police officers at the C and E lines on 50th Street and 8th Avenue observed a “erratic” man carrying a blade smeared in a red substance that seemed to be blood on his back.

Police said the individual was “acting disorderly” on the mezzanine platform.

Police took the man, Justin Wojno, into custody. Wojno was accused with unlawful possession of a weapon. There were no injuries, and the red substance was recognized as syrup. Wojno’s criminal record includes domestic violence and burglary.

New York City has experienced multiple major events in its subway systems that have startled passengers.

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Jordan Neely, a homeless guy, was killed in May 2023 by ex-Marine Daniel Penny, who held Neely in a lethal chokehold. Penny said Neely was acting in a way that endangered other passengers and had detained him for their protection.

In March, metro passenger Younence Obuad shot another guy named DaJuan Robinson, who then approached and threatened Obuad with a knife and a revolver. Robinson survived the shooting.