Pennsylvania Legislature Strikes: Bill to Ban 'Ghost Guns' Clears House

Pennsylvania Legislature Strikes: Bill to Ban ‘Ghost Guns’ Clears House

With the support of both parties, the Pennsylvania State House recently enacted new legislation that would outlaw the acquisition, distribution, and manufacturing of parts for so-called “ghost guns,” which are unlicensed, unregistered firearms that are available to anybody without a background check or permit.

That would change with the passage of House Bill 777, which was supported by three Republicans and opposed by one Democrat, with a vote of 104-97. Advocates and lawmakers emphasize that the plan does not outlaw firearms.

Adam Garber of Ceasefire PA stated, “All we are saying is that you have to follow the same existing laws as every other gun purchase, like getting a background check and having it serialized.”

Gun control supporters like Garber think that violent criminals are increasingly using “ghost guns” as their primary weapon because they lack serial numbers, which makes it more difficult for law enforcement to find and apprehend offenders.

“This is a step towards closing that gap in our system,” Garber stated.

According to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association, the bill is an overreach and won’t discourage crime.

“When you have government trying to regulate the ability for the people to maintain their freedom, that becomes a problem,” Chris Dorr with the association stated. “They’re only passing a law that affects the good people, not the bad people.”

Governor Josh Shapiro has expressed his support for the legislation, calling on the Senate’s Republican majority to enact it on X