Pennsylvania Mother Faces Charges After Allegedly Leaving Teen Son to Start New Life with Boyfriend

Pennsylvania Mother Faces Charges After Allegedly Leaving Teen Son to Start New Life with Boyfriend

A 45-year-old mother from Pennsylvania, Tiffani Chanel Bogroff, is facing charges for allegedly abandoning her 15-year-old son to live with her boyfriend in New Jersey.

The Manheim Township Police Department found the teenager living alone at their home without gas, heat, or running water.

Bogroff was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of children. A warrant for her arrest was issued on January 12, and she was apprehended by the Pennsville Township Police Department in New Jersey on Saturday.

A search warrant was requested for the residence on December 13, 2023, after witnesses claimed that a minor had been residing there alone and that their mother had not been seen, according to LancasterOnline.

Officers confirmed, according to the outlet, that the gas and water supplies had been turned off in November and that Bogrodd’s son had been “reported absent and late to school a number of times.”

According to the news release, Bogroff’s son reported to the police that she had supposedly been gone for “about a month,” only coming home “on occasion,” and without telling him when.

According to the news release from the police, the house was “cluttered, containing trash and spoiled/rotten food.” According to WKEF, the son also owned a cat and two dogs.

According to the news release, he told officers that he only sometimes attended school because he found it “difficult to wake up in the morning since they are alone.”

Food was available for Bogroff’s youngster, according to the press release, because “Bogroff sometimes sends money via CashApp.” Periodically, a relative would take him to the grocery store and back to their house so he could wash his clothing and take a shower.

The news release states that Bogroff has not yet been charged and is being held at the Salem County Correctional Facility while awaiting extradition.


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