Police Investigate Sophisticated Liquor Store Robbery in Hollywood

Police Investigate Sophisticated Liquor Store Robbery in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, FLA.  – On Monday night, a liquor store in Hollywood fell victim to a significant theft. Three women targeted the store and quickly gathered as much alcohol as they could carry before making their way toward the exit.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras, revealing that the stolen items were not just ordinary spirits but high-end products from Sweeney’s Liquor store located on State Road 7.

According to Paul Moutsatsos, the owner of Sweeney’s Liquor Store, the women knew exactly what they were after.

One of them already had three or four bottles in hand, while another grabbed additional bottles from the shelves and the third woman took some more from the counter before they swiftly fled the scene.

The theft amounted to approximately $1,500 in losses for Moutsatsos, and the chances of recovering the stolen money are slim. Law enforcement authorities promptly responded to the incident, launching an investigation into the matter.

Moutsatsos noted that the perpetrators seemed experienced and comfortable in carrying out such crimes, suggesting it may not have been their first time engaging in such activities. Moutsatsos hopes that these women, who have expensive tastes but no regard for legal means, are apprehended before they strike again.

Expressing his frustration, Moutsatsos emphasized the ethical and practical consequences of their actions, stating that there are always ways to seek help, regardless of one’s circumstances.

As a preventive measure for the future, Moutsatsos is considering extending the bar area in his store so that customers interested in purchasing expensive liquor would require assistance from the on-duty clerk.

If anyone possesses information related to this crime, they are urged to contact Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Tips can be provided anonymously, and a reward of up to $5,000 may be available for eligible information.

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