Poorest Cities in Oklahoma

Discover the 5 Poorest Cities in Oklahoma

Oklahoma boasts a wealth of history, a blend of cultures, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Nonetheless, not all areas within the state share equal levels of prosperity and well-being. Some cities in Oklahoma grapple with notable economic difficulties, including low income, high poverty rates, and elevated unemployment levels.

This article delves into the five most economically challenged cities in Oklahoma, drawing on the latest information from the U.S. Census Bureau. The poverty rate represents the proportion of individuals living below the poverty threshold, which varies based on family size and composition.

The median household income signifies the midpoint of income distribution, where half of households earn more and half earn less. The unemployment rate reflects the percentage of individuals actively seeking employment but unable to secure it. According to the Roadsnacks, these are the five least affluent cities in Oklahoma:


Hugo, situated in Choctaw County near the Texas border, holds the title of being the most economically challenged city in Oklahoma. The poverty rate stands at 37.6%, with a median household income of $27,710. The population of Hugo totals 5,146 residents. Notably, the city is famed for its rich circus legacy.

Revered as the “Circus City,” Hugo has been a cherished winter refuge for circuses since the 1930s. It boasts a cemetery devoted to circus artists and a museum showcasing a trove of circus artifacts.

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Seminole, situated in Oklahoma, holds the distinction of being the second least affluent city in the state, with a poverty rate of 27.1% and a median household income of $34,375.

Positioned about 50 miles east of Oklahoma City in Seminole County, the city is home to a population of 7,131 individuals and takes its name from the Seminole tribe of Native Americans.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Seminole experienced a significant oil boom, drawing in thousands of laborers and settlers. The city boasts a historical museum that highlights both the oil industry and the Native American heritage of the region.

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Idabel, situated in the southeastern corner of Oklahoma within McCurtain County, holds the distinction of being the third-poorest city in the state, with a poverty rate of 28% and a median household income of $34,583. It boasts a population of 6,945 and serves as both the county seat and the largest city in the area.

Additionally, Idabel serves as the entry point to the Beavers Bend Resort Park, a hub for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, and golfing. This city also plays host to the annual Dogwood Days Festival, a vibrant celebration of the blossoming dogwood trees each spring.

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Anadarko, situated in Caddo County, is the fourth most economically challenged city in Oklahoma, boasting a poverty rate of 29.3% and a median household income of $35,000. It’s located approximately 60 miles southwest of Oklahoma City, with a population of 6,182 residents.

Anadarko is significant for being the headquarters of various Native American tribes, including the Apache, Caddo, Delaware, Kiowa, and Wichita. The city is also home to numerous cultural centers and museums that showcase the rich art, history, and traditions of these tribes.

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Vinita, situated in Craig County, Oklahoma, is ranked as the fifth poorest city in the state, with a poverty rate of 25.8% and a median household income of $35,417. It’s positioned near the borders of Kansas and Missouri and has a population of 5,397 residents.

This town holds the distinction of being the oldest incorporated settlement along Oklahoma’s Route 66. Vinita also has a rich history as a prominent railroad hub. Its downtown area boasts a historic district adorned with murals, antique stores, and dining establishments.

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Final Words

These five towns signify some of the least privileged regions in Oklahoma. Nevertheless, they also possess unique merits, like historical importance, cultural variety, and strong community bonds. By spotlighting their difficulties and potential, we aim to enhance their quality of life and future potential.

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